How to get your CBSE results reevaluated?

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The CBSE board exam results of class 10 and class 12 has been released earlier, this month. With a pass percentage of 91.1% and 83.4% in 10th and 12th respectively, CBSE results were fairly good this year. The CBSE online portal for revaluation is open and active till the 14th of May, 2019. Revaluation procedures and applications are to be submitted online before the due date. The procedure for application is briefed below:

Step 1:  Go to the CBSE revaluation web portal through Google, or through this link

Step 2:  Apply for verification of the results. Here, the student has to fill in the roll number, school number and centre number, all of which are available in the admit card and list the number of subjects needed to be verified. The student will have to pay Rs. 500 per subject. 

Step 3:  Once verified, the verified results will be uploaded on the online portal.

Step 4:  If the student is still not convinced, he/she could get the photocopy of their answer sheets by paying Rs.500 per subject.

Step 5:  After acquiring the photocopy of answer sheets, the student can apply for revaluation.  In the revaluation, the charge is based on the number of questions that have to be reevaluated. The student will be charged Rs.100 per question.

Step 6:  The results would then be released on the official portal.
The steps are summarised as follows:


Verification of results
By May 14th    
Rs. 500/Subject 
Photocopy of answer sheets    
By May 28th
Rs. 500/Subject 
By June 1st
Rs. 100/ question 

The compartment examinations will be held in the month of July/August. Students who have a single back paper can appear for the compartment examinations. 

-Ananda Krishnan

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