7 Easy Ways To Excel In Competitive Exams

A competitive exam requires all the efforts that you signed in for. With the speedy ticking time that follows you everywhere and the constant urge to muggle up all that’s left on your platter, exams can really get stressful. As you have too many things to keep a track of, like your scheduled time table, the sudden events that come up, it could create havoc. But there’s always a solution for any problem and so we have come up with these 7 easy tips to ace any competitive exam.

1. Schedule Your Exam Routine

Planning and scheduling your day to day life along with your exam time table is always a good step to start with. As you have already allotted your time, keeping your exams in mind, it wouldn’t be that difficult to follow your routine. Make notes of all the important matter and strike out the unnecessary ones as that would save your time later while studying. Always remember--The ones who have planned things ahead in time are much more at ease than the ones who haven’t planned anything.

2. Do Your Research Well

Make sure to read or surf well on any given topic. Always look up for the old question papers, compare the question papers of the previous years and jot down the repeatedly asked question as they are most likely to come again. Take help from your seniors, they could be really helpful during such times. It’s never too late to clear any doubts from your mentors, so always ask. Frame all the essential questions and answers and create your very own question bank.

3. Focus On Smart Work More Than Hard Work  

The loud music of your neighbour, the uninvited guest, the sudden occasions and running errands now and then are something you can just not avoid during your exams. And so while preparing for a competitive exam, its always better to study smartly than to sit and break your concentration, working hard on each and every topic and sub-topic. That would only waste your time. 

Hence choose one particular time, either early in the morning or late at night while all are asleep. That could give you an ample amount of peaceful time to complete your studies. Remember to study your difficult topics first and the easier ones during your leisure time. Study smartly and save yourself some precious time to enjoy.

4. Set Your Time

Keeping a track of your time while studying is one of the best ways to ace a competitive exam. As once you start writing your paper you have no clue of how fast the time flies. And so its always better to time yourself while studying each subject, topic or an answer. By giving yourself some test and quiz while timing each test could make you better and faster when answering your paper. Always remember to manage your time efficiently. Studying the tough topics in the daylight and the easy boring ones during the night could help you manage your studies in a proper manner. Keep in mind. Time management is the key to any successful exam.

5. Make It Fun

Do not forget to have your own fun time. As studying the entire day and night could possibly turn you insane. So always remember to take breaks while studying. Watching a movie, playing a game or some sports, listening to music or just resting and lazing around during your free time could keep you mentally and physically fresh and rejuvenated. Do not go overboard while studying and the same goes while taking a break. Keep it balanced.

6. Highlight The Keywords

Now is the time to use all your colourful stationery. Highlight and pinpoint all the important keywords and definitions. As while you colour the important notes your brain registers your visual memory in a much better manner. Go for the simpler definition and stick to it. Rewriting it again could create stronger retention of all those definitions.

 Highlighting the dates and byhearting them is not everyone’s cup of tea, therefore it's not suggestable to the ones who are just not good with remembering dates. Instead of making colourful notes of all the main people and incidents could be much more beneficial. As with each colour, one solid memory could be produced.

7. Stay Healthy To Be Successful 

Cracking a competitive exam is not an easy task. Stress, anxiety, depression, sensitivity etc. suddenly tend to bring you down while preparing for a tough, competitive exam and so the best way to keep away from these tendencies is to stay fit and healthy. Eating fresh and leafy vegetables at least during your preparation could keep you functioning at optimum capacity. 

Drinking coffee could always help during exams, although too much coffee isn’t good for your health, so keep it minimal. Cold beverages could always serve as quick refreshments. Having a good diet during exams preparation could keep your mind, body and health intact. And so to live an amazing life after you’ve aced in your arduous, competitive exam you need to stay healthy.

Keeping all of these above points in mind while preparing for any competitive exam can easily help you in putting in an excellent performance. Also adding on your own points while preparing for your exams could always keep you in a better and safer position. Ultimately it's important to stay focused and stay lively. And more than anything else, believe in yourself. 

- Mihika Menezes

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