10 Most Sought After Job Profiles for Internships

As summer vacations are underway, this appears to be the right time to perk up your resume with relevant internships that can give you much needed relevant and hands-on experience. However, the internship must be relevant and should add value to your career

Hence, it is important to know what job profiles are currently popular for internships, which you can choose from based on your area of interest. 

1.Digital Marketing

Undoubtedly in this digital era marketing plays a very important role, especially in the consumer market. It is concerned with the utilisation of digital media to promote and advertise their output. With digital becoming the name of the game, the need for recruiting digital marketing experts has risen. This eventually brought out the need for hiring Digital Marketing Interns.

Simply put, Digital Marketing Interns need to be creative, innovative, must possess good knowledge about and keep themselves updated with trends on various social media platforms.

The basic responsibilities of Digital Marketing interns include researching marketing needs, assisting the marketing team with developing social media campaigns, developing content and promotional techniques through brainstorming etc. Marketing plays a pivotal role in the promotion of every product and service in the market. Now that customers have become habituated to the idea that they and their satisfaction is of utmost importance to any business, digital marketing is here to stay.

Thus, an internship in Digital Marketing provides interns with the requisite exposure and the path to a promising career in marketing.

2.Hospitality Management 

The wave of Consumerism has so far affected the customer-centric approach of different companies and the ones within the Hospitality sector aren't any different. Significant growth witnessed in the number of consumers demanding a better service in their leisure time or for services regarding professional purposes has laid the base for Hospitality Management.

Well-disciplined and hardworking individuals with good communication skills and customer service-oriented attitude can shine in this sector. The services offered by Hospitality Management experts are scattered from Restaurants and Hotels to Resorts and even tourist attractions. As they bid on the satisfaction of their customers, they have to provide them with the best of what they can. 

According to a report by KPMG, the hospitality sector in India is expected to grow at 16.1 per cent CAGR to reach Rs 2,796.9 thousand crores in 2022. With such projections, a career in Hospitality management will be a meritorious one to take up and an internship in this sector will certainly help candidates to add to their skill set and pursue a successful career.

3.Web Developer

The evolution of the internet and the dot - com explosion has paved the way for infinite opportunities in the tech world. A web developer is a person who possesses the unique skills of coding and developing a website and its elements from scratch. They are either freelancers or employed by a tech firm usually for a huge payroll.

The functions of web developing interns include assisting and supporting the team with valuable suggestions, develop code for their sites, customisation and redesigning of websites etc. An intern is expected to be well versed in coding and must possess a good amount of knowledge with HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. 

Interning in the capacity of a web developer will enable individuals to prove their worth as future techies and improve their chances to get hired by prestigious companies in the business. 

4.Cyber Security

The digitalisation of offices and workplaces on a large scale and introduction of software, networks and other types of machinery has so far reduced the dependency on physical labour. But they often come with a problem of security issues, leakage of privacy and hacking threats. Thereby it necessitates the presence of Cyber Security experts in all digitalised offices and workplaces. Since Cyber Security is a classified job profile the Intern should have a bachelor's degree with good technical knowledge in VAPT, Binary exploitation, Reverse engineering, routing and network protocols, Firewall, proxy server knowledge etc in addition to good communication skills.

The scope of a cybersecurity intern’s work ranges from assisting the technical team with solving issues faced by the network. serving the clients with what they want, Creating and testing the defence mechanism of networks with problems and issues to Guiding the participants in campaigns organised by the firm with Cyber Security and its necessary elements.

With so much to do, it is no surprise that Cyber Security job profiles are one of the highly paid jobs in the industry. A career in Cyber Security is not everyone's cup of tea. The professionals of the arena do have cutthroat competitions and it won't be dignified if it is termed as a usual techie job. 

5.Data Analytics 

Data analytics involves the conversion of collected data into useful information through proper analysis using data analytic tools and this helps in building the sales, marketing channels and strategies for business.

Good knowledge with MS office and proficiency in English are prerequisites for an intern in this field. The intern should also hone their creative writing skills, e-mail marketing and modelling of financial structures. A budding data analyst functions in the domains of assisting the marketing team with research purposes, conducting market researches to collect primary and secondary data, analysing them and forming reports. They should also ensure the quality of data collected and file results.

 According to an article in The Hindu, close to 97,000 positions related to analytics and data science are currently vacant due to a dearth of qualified talent. There is no time like the present to intern as a data analytics intern if it interests you and work towards securing future job prospects.

6.Technical Support

Even Though technology has so far reduced the dependence on manpower and physical labour, it still demands human labour in its operation and maintenance. Technical support interns are mostly used in production plants and for minor office works. They help in making sure that types of machinery and other technological equipment are functioning efficiently. A bachelor's graduation in technology is considered necessary for being a technical support intern. English proficiency, customer handling skills are also considered as a basic requirement.

 Broadly the job of such an intern includes assisting the technical department with servicing and maintenance of equipment and gadgets, engaging with the customer directly and providing solutions for their complaints and grievances.

An internship with a tech-based firm will provide the necessary exposure to equipment and a standard working environment. Moreover, an internship in this area will enable interns to understand the dynamic nature of the industry.

7.Human Resource Intern

Grown out of the psychological process concerning the workmen of the organisation been termed as resources, Human Resources has formed itself into a separate department in organisations underlining the vitality of its existence and functions. An HR intern is required to have basic knowledge on how to operate MS Office, along with necessary management skills related to Human resources management.

An intern part of the HR team works by assisting the management with the recruitment of potential candidates, conducting job tests and interviews and working on payroll related strategies. Training of the selected candidates and preparation and maintenance of documents are also part of the work schedule of HR interns.

Till the existence of humans working in organizations is assured so is the need of an HR manager. If you are good at handling people and situations and the problem solver inside you unleashes itself whenever required, you should definitely consider interning as an HR intern.

8.Teaching Intern

This intern profile might confuse you. Are not interns the one who learns. They are now also the ones who teach. Digitalisation and recent developments made in the education system demand a good number of faculties with updated skillsets and training. 

In order to be a teaching intern, good proficiency in a chosen language is important along with exposure to MS Office and other necessary qualities like teaching skills that vary depending on the type of subject matter and presentation skills. The work of a teaching intern entails providing lectures and guidance for students in primary educational institutions and upper grades. The present scenario also demands an intern to teach online using video lectures on different subjects.

An internship as a teacher will be a huge career boost for those who are seriously passionate about taking teaching as a profession. This will help them with managing their fears and develop their teaching potential before actually taking up a job.

9.Content Writing 

A Content writer can be defined as someone who prepares and puts up content for websites and pages in a way that attracts and engages more viewers along with the aim of promoting that specific content. For being a content writer, good proficiency in a chosen language and creativity in writing is considered essential. Adopting a unique style of writing that engages more readers into the piece is a skill of a content writer.

 The work of a content writing intern entails supporting the existing editorial team with providing stories and finished works and helping them with researches on various topics. Content writing interns are also asked to perform editing and reviewing activities and brainstorming with their colleagues.

Being a content writer is a dream job for those people out there who are interested in making their mark in the world through their writing.

10.Social media manager

The digitalisation of industries has not only eliminated many job profiles so far but also created a lot of them. A social media manager is one such profile. The most vital trait of a social media manager is to be creative. Creativity is a much-appreciated element in this field and innovativeness in bringing out the best with skills in social media marketing is necessary.

A social media manager is a reputable position and his/her functions include promoting the business through the use of various social media in an effective manner. They have to oversee their competitors, along with focusing on the public point of view, their trends and customer expectations. 

Social media is here for good and interning as a social media intern will provide you with deep insights in connecting to masses and the role social media plays in building the brand value an organization and even personal brand value.

Opportunities are endless in this world and it is up to you to make the most of them. Applying yourself in practical, everyday situations will only help you in the future and hence it is not a bad idea to have an internship in the summer. Especially when you have so many relevant job profiles to choose from. 

- Ajay Sreeram, Vidit Sahewala

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