7 Considerations To Make Before Your Master’s

When you just come out of college, fresh from all the memories of graduation, no stress, life is all good! But then reality struck! You are reminded of the new academic race you have to join the master’s course. It is a choice you make but it’s not so easy to get to till there. There are certain things which one must consider before choosing a master’s course. 

1. The Right Reasons

Why do you wish to pursue a master’s degree? If you are thinking that your neighbour’s son did one and everyone you know did one and so even you need to do one, then you are forgetting your wants. Acknowledge the fact that your career aspirations are unique and a masters degree is no guarantee to accomplish all of them. Steve Jobs did not do a master’s degree nor did Ritesh Agarwal, rather he dropped out of college.
Again, you are not them, you have your own potential to channelize. Find and be clear on your professional priorities.

2. Course you choose

Before you even think of applying, you should go through the options that are available and the ones that can prove to be very beneficial in your career. Sometimes it is really tough to make a choice, but internet and social media is so strong today that it can help you connect with people who can guide you or even know about people who followed the same course! 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
   - Robert Frost

The decision you take is going to decide your career ahead; this road can be either crowded or often walked upon or the one less travelled by! But competition will be present in both; you have to choose which way you are willing to face the competition and work hard!

3. University

The university you choose should have a very good structure for the course you select. One should always look up for the ranking, validation of degree, the location, extra-curricular activities, accommodation (it should be worth your decision!) and food too! Apart from these, the academic structure, fee structure as well as the provision of scholarship (if available) should be checked. All these things should be looked upon while looking for a university which offers the best of the course you choose.

4. Research

The university should have a good research infrastructure (experienced faculty members, lab assistants and availability of appropriate funds), as it would then help you to look up at topics of your interest more deeply and would also help in documentation as well as publishing of the papers you compile (this will act as an added benefit in your career). The laboratories should be according to the needs of the course and there should be proper maintenance of them.

5. Placement

The university should have a good placement cell which focuses on the provision of good jobs once you complete your course. The placement cell holds great importance and should not be taken for granted! Even if you don’t choose to opt for working (& still have stamina left to join in another academic race), looking at the placements that the university has to offer might prove to be beneficial as you might get contacts which will prove to be worthy in the future.
Looking at these factors is very crucial but one of the most important things to look up is your profile!

6. Student profile

Why do we choose to be friends with strangers on social media? It’s their profile only which we feel is good to connect with them. Similarly, your profile should be such that it fulfils the criteria that the university you choose has. It should be well built and should talk of you and your aspirations as a student; it should also talk about the expectations you have from the university. You should be capable of following the admission process of the university and attain admission in the field of your choice.

7. Money Matters

Pursuing a masters degree is definitely more costly than an undergraduate degree. Don’t be afraid to evaluate the cost of a master’s degree and the job opportunities available after completing the master's program. Maybe, a job you are getting after you under graduation is too rewarding in terms of compensation and job satisfaction. So much so that the possibility of doing a masters degree never crossed your mind. Evaluate in terms of the finances that you are putting in and what is the expected output.

Ultimately, pursuing a master’s degree should be a choice and not a decision you ended up making by following the herd, it’s not about adding another framed degree on your wall, or buying few more years in the academic space. It is about knowing whether a master’s degree would enable you to accomplish your professional dreams.

- Shruti Singh

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