7 Life Lessons To Be Learnt from Donald Trump

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Donald Trump. Two words that bring with them extremely varied emotions, different for each person. You may be optimistic and proud or you may feel a hurl of abuses flying through your mind just waiting to come out. Whichever may your pick be, no one can deny that Donald Trump is an intriguing and eccentric personality. The 45th President of the USA and the centre of some hilarious memes, Donald Trump is a living moral science textbook waiting to be discovered. Everything lies in your perspective. Let me immerse you in my perspective about the world and show you how Donald Trump gives practical examples of life lessons.
1.    Honesty
Everybody lies. Every President has made a few false claims but the comparison between the few lies and the number of false and misleading claims by Donald Trump is staggering. We’ve mostly heard about the good things reaching ten thousand- 10000 runs, 10000 goals, and 10000 rupees would make one smile. Donald Trump, on the other hand, made history by crossing 10,000 lies during his time in office and has repeated some of those claims more than 100 times! Be it “We’ve already started building the wall” or “It’s the biggest tax cut in American history”, Trump has made an average of 12.2 lies each day and he has 3 more years left of being a pathological liar. He isn’t afraid of lying on twitter or even on national television. He serves a very good purpose of teaching all of us the importance of honesty.
2.    Hypocrisy
Trump is inconsistent at what he says, the only consistent thing he does is contradict himself. He constantly criticized Obama for his golfing but has spent more than Obama for the same. Trump’s ancestry is traceable back to Germany and his grandfather made a fortune running a brothel. His current wife, Melania Trump, comes from Slovenia following a modelling career. Trump is also a strong advocate of “merit-based” immigration and has stated on various occasions that immigrants bring crime to the USA. The hypocrisy is evident and quite blatant. One wonders if his thoughts about immigrants being criminals extend back to himself. Being inconsistent eventually puts your authenticity on troubled waters or rather the truth, that like all humans at some point or the other even Trump could be flawed.
3.    Selfishness
Trump has been described as the epitome of selfishness and ego. He paid some of his workers less than minimum wage. Trump never once filed for personal bankruptcy but has filed for four business bankruptcies risking other’s money due to colossal debt. No major US-based company has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy more than Trump in the past 30 years. Selflessness is a virtue which when looking at Trump seems vital.
4.    Money matters
In 1990, SPY magazine sent some of the richest people in USA checks for 0.13 cents using a fake company to see who would cash them. Only Donald Trump apart from an arms dealer cashed the check. Nobody values money and spends it with equal vigour like Donald Trump. He truly teaches us that every cent matters!
5.    Equality 
Trump’s thoughts about immigrants and his various statements regarding them clearly show racism. Recently, He made baseless claims about a democrat, Ilhan Omar, saying that she supported Al Qaeda just because she refused to dignify the racism she suffered. He also inspired the “Send her back” chants in a rally. He claimed that a judge was biased because he is a Mexican. His company was sued for alleged racial discrimination against black people. He has a history of racist speeches and racist tweets. Learning from his constant mistakes, we should get rid of prejudices, think rationally and act equally irrespective of the race, caste, etc. (Even though being inclusive is not that easy)
6.    Feminism
In the age where the ‘MeToo movement’ has taken place, The President of the USA has been accused by at least 24 women of inappropriate sexual behaviour in many cases over the last 30 years. He has often acted in a derogatory manner with women. He has objectified women and made offensive comments about their bodies. From making comments about women’s genitals to tweeting sexual assault in the military is simply what happens when men and women work together, he hasn’t left any stone unturned. Treating women with respect should be a priority for everyone and make up for the lack of shame and respect for women showed by The President.
7.    Loyalty
Donald Trump who is highly pessimistic about the Democrats was a registered democrat from 2001 to 2009.  Mueller’s Russia report shows that he was disloyal to the country as well. The presidential campaign did not inform the authorities of a foreign offer of dirt on their opponent and made full use of it. Not surprisingly, he hasn’t been exactly loyal in his personal life as well. He cheated on his wife and accepted it and now his third wife is the First Lady of USA and allegations have been made that he cheated on her as well at the age of 70 years. Be careful not to learn about loyalty from Trump, otherwise, you are sure to be doomed.
Trump has been bashed and ridiculed on multiple occasions but he offers the best examples of what a person shouldn’t do. With 3 more years remaining, there will surely be other hilarious statements and incidents involving him. He will set the benchmark for being vocal beyond belief, eccentric beyond admiration and giving contradictory statements. It will be a miracle if any other President can cross him in any of the above 7 or more aspects!
- Sunidhi Shende

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