5 Things We All Can Do for the Environment

Imagine- twenty years from now, when you are carrying a special bag which provides you with Oxygen as the air you breathe comprises just Carbon dioxide. Imagine yourself paying for oxygen which is present in our air and is necessary for living. Imagine a time when you no longer get clean water but have to chemically make it clean in order to survive. You can no longer eat your favourite foods like fish, kale, spinach, chicken and etc because they’re no longer there. Imagine a world without trees. A ridiculous thought, right! Alas, the way we have been living, the above-mentioned things are soon to be true.

“The Government doesn't do anything effective for the environment.”
“The taxes I have been paying are not being used for my well being.”
“The government did not do anything in our favour.”

 How many of us have blamed the government for problems we should individually act on. It's a cooperative movement. Only when the members and the government come together, can we collectively fight towards the betterment of our Earth? Our Earth- yes, when I say our Earth, I mean all the members living on this planet have to make lifestyle changes in order to improve the current condition. The smallest lifestyle changes can make the biggest impacts. Ever wondered about doing something big? Why not make these changes!

1. Stop using plastic straws- Single-use plastic straws can cause more damage than you think. Every time you want to take a plastic straw, think if you can drink the same thing without one. Opt for various alternatives like steel straws, bamboo straws and wood straws. 

2. Throw your Garbage in the Dustbin- How many tourist places have you been to and had your mood spoiled because all you see is garbage and all you can smell is its foul smell. How hard is it for us to throw the same thing in garbage cans? Have you realized, just because we couldn't throw our garbage in the dustbin, we have to pay taxes which then get contributed for Swachh Bharat program? We fail to understand that things that can be done for free are sadly not being done in the same way. Next time you think it's okay to throw garbage on roads, think about working all day and night at your office and giving that money to the government to use it to pick the garbage you failed to throw in the dustbin. 

3. Plant More/Afforestation- Money plant, Aloe vera and many other plants are known to purify the air. It is said that trees should be planted at every one meter, but have we been doing it? Instead, we have been doing the exact opposite. Deforestation is the main cause of an excess of Carbon dioxide in the environment which leads to the increase in temperature, rise in price for basic food items, extinction of species and disturbing life cycle and food cycle.

4. Walk or Ride a Bicycle- Do not use your vehicles for shorter distances. In order to avoid the increased release of harmful gases in the environment and pollution: walk, ride eco-friendly vehicles, carpool, or use public transport as and when available. 

5. Turn the Fans and Lights off when not in use- How many times have your parents, teachers and other elders in your family told you to switch off the lights and fans when not in use? The way we use electricity makes a great impact on the environment, both positively and negatively. In order to save the energy required to produce electricity, we have to make efficient use of electricity. 

These are basic lifestyle changes which will save both, your money and your future. Be smart and be aware of your surroundings and how your actions impact society. Let's work together and make these changes in our life for a better and greener future.

- Deekshitha Jain

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