6 Musicians to Definitely Listen To

Confucius rightly said, “Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without”. Music is an inseparable part of our lives and so are the musicians whose songs and new albums are eagerly awaited whose music is our tonic for survival. The following is a list of 6 musicians or musical entities who have taken the music world by storm.

1.Anne Marie Rose Nicholson

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Professionally know as Anne Marie. The English songwriter and singer have received many charting singles on the UK singles chart which including Clean Bandit’s- Rockabye featuring Sean Paul, F.R.I.E.N.D.S a collaboration with Marshmello, and also the famous Ciao Adios, Alarm. Anne Marie has also been nominated as the best female British artist and has won four awards in 2019 itself.

Her recent song Perfect to Me, that talks about her insecurities, and body positivity definitely establishes greater relatability with her listeners. As she does not only talk about body shaming but her own gender in the lyrics as well., “You are okay with who you are” are those words no one would mind listening to.  In a fast-paced world, her songs add a sense of acceptance towards oneself and others. `


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One of the most successful artists of New Jersey. Halsey is a rearrangement of her real name, Ashley. The name serves as a reminder her of the street in Brooklyn where she spends most of her teenage days at. At the early age of seventeen, she had already begun writing songs. Her first song made her hit through the parody of Taylor Swift’s song, “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Who knew she would create a stir in the music world and go on to win the Rising Star Award by Billboard Woman Music in 2016?
Her famous five songs for winning in the Billboard Awards are; Ghost, New Americana, Closer, Colors, Gasoline. One of her most recent songs named, “Boy with Luv”, a collaboration with the famous Korean K-pop band BTS has been capturing attention. Halsey’s current trending song, “Nightmare”, is so powerful that even explaining it might spoil it for you, so do give it a hear and listen for yourself.


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Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS meaning bulletproof boys, is a Korean K-pop boy band consisting of seven members in Seoul, in South Korea. For individuals who are not aware, RM the band leader also the rapper is named Kim Namjoon, the second member and the eldest of all, sub-vocals, stage name Jin, with his real name being Kim Seok Jin, the third member also the lead rapper of the group has his  stage name as Suga,  his full name is Min Yoogi, the fourth member’s stage name is J-Hope  and in reality he goes by Jung Ho Seok . He is also a rapper and a great dancer, the fifth member’s stage name is Jimin, his real name is Park Ji Min. He is the lead vocalist. The sixth member is named V, real name Kim Tae Hyung and last but not the least, the smallest member, the Maknae of the group is Jung Kook who sings the main vocals, real name Jeong-gook.

Together they form a great team of seven stupendous members who focus on social issues through their songs and lyrics that they put up. They also cover mental illness, by putting up their solo songs such as August D by Suga. They focus a lot on self-acceptance and self-love through their songs such as Love Yourself from the album Her, their recent album Persona through Big Hit Entertainment, reflecting Karl Jung’s theory of personality, ego. 

Their recent song and the best – selling, a collaboration with Halsey named Boy with Luv is all about love and happiness. BTS are internationally going viral with all their fans support who call themselves ARMY, they have received 209 awards and have been 318 times nominated, and there so many more awards and nomination still left to be collected by them, as they just cannot stop pleasing us with their brilliantly conceptualized theory-based music.

Their recent songs, ‘Dream Glow’, ‘All Night’, and ‘Heartbeat’ are based on their new game named BTS WORLD.

4. One Republic

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It's been 12 years since this band launched their debut album and even today their work is considered refreshing and amazing. ‘One Republic’s a Pop rock band in America.  It consists of lead vocalist Ryan Tedder, guitarists Zach Filkins and Drew Brown, bass player and cellist Brent Kutzle, drummer Eddie Fisher and keyboardist Brian Willett.  One Republic does not have a specific genre that they follow and still, their music has managed to lead them to the Grammy Awards, Billboard Awards, American Music Award and World Music Awards. Their songs such as counting stars make one feel they can do anything, songs such as Start again, If I lose myself, Wherever I go, Secrets, I lived can make you deeply fall in love with their lyrics.
Their songs are usually relatable and connect well. Their current best-running song, Rescue Me has already achieved 19Million views and 592K likes and it's just been a month since it's released. Which shows how wonderfully they are climbing the ladder of success. Tune into their work to know how rocking this band is.

5.AR Rahman

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Allahrakka Rahman, is an Indian music singer, composer and director born in the state named Chennai in Tamil Nadu. His music is known for integrating electronic music along with Indian classical music. He has won 17 Filmfare Awards South, Grammy Awards, National Filmfare Awards and many more for his beautiful blend of traditional orchestra and classical Indian music. AR Rahman has also been known for making it to the Time 100 list of the world’s most influential people and it is hard to forget his receiving the prestigious Golden Globe Award. He composed jingles for advertisements in the early part of his career and now the world knows him for the musician that he is.

His famous songs such as Jai Ho, from the popular film Slumdog Millionaire, Dil Se Re, Urvashi Urvashi, are still amongst the most super hit, famous songs danced on in India here. The fact that his songs continue to be remixed speaks volumes about the kind of music he has composed. The lyrics that he writes have a strong emotional connection immediately once heard. His recent famous song the ‘Marvel Anthem’ has already crossed 2.1M views.


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Princess Harris is also known as Ciara is an American dancer, singer, model and songwriter. This talent powerhouse was born in Texas. Her songs have reached the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Ciara has featured and collaborated with many famous singers such as Enrique Iglesias in his song, ‘Taking Back My Love’, and ‘Love Sex Magic’, featuring Justin Timberlake.

Her Instagram feed is much appreciated for being natural, showcasing her talent and supportive family. Her supportive husband and beautiful kids always find their special place in her post. Her current hits, ‘Dose’, ‘Thinking About You’ and the latest ‘Beauty Marks’ and ‘Set’ music videos are a must watch.

The above are a few musicians who are making their places in our playlists and hearts, their music is one means to stay synced with reality, ambition and fun.

- Mihika Menezes

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