5 Possible Pros of The Revocation of Article 370

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The BJP led -Indian Government has made some very controversial decisions and imposed them on the citizens of India over the past five years. Be it Demonetization or the introduction of GST, the Indian government never failed to surprise or even shock us. This time, they have made a monumental change- the Abrogation of Article 370 and 35A.  Article 370 and 35A gave the people of Jammu and Kashmir a special status and rights. The People of Jammu and Kashmir enjoyed this status for 7 decades and has now been removed.
This decision blindsided everyone from the state itself which was in lockdown to all the foreign countries, especially Pakistan which is repulsed by the situation. The decision executed in complete secrecy causes the state of Jammu and Kashmir to be divided into two Union Territories- Jammu and Kashmir as a union Territory with legislature and Ladakh as a Union Territory without legislature. Let’s see how it impacts the development in the region and what it entails.
Article 370 denied permission to buy land in the state to anyone who is not a permanent resident of the state. Major companies lost interest to set up industries in the region as there was a lack of manpower since the labour could not settle over there or even send their children to schools in the region. 
Setting up a business would require the management of locals which could turn out to be a tedious job. The Abrogation of article 370 does make it possible for the major companies to set up industries and bring employment opportunities to not only the labour all over India but also the locals. It provides opportunities for all industries especially the hospitality industry and the food industry to invest in the region.

Jammu and Kashmir are one of the most beautiful places in India. They include a variety of landscapes. From snow-capped mountains to the Arctic deserts, the diversity is stunning. The major hindrance in the tourism industry over there is political and social turmoil. The region is in a constant state of conflict and no 'normalcy' prevails there. This leads many people to think twice before going there.
 Although the removal of Article 370 brings with its investments such as big hotels and resorts, but, Article 370 or not, the tourism industry will flourish to its full potential only when people are able to see Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as safe places, not regions of conflict.

Local economy
 Until now the region’s economy functioned in a protected shell. Small businesses flourished in the region because of the protection they received from Article 370. The removal of the same brings in huge sharks into the tank. 

The small fish cannot compete with the sharks having a Pan -India scale of operation. This will cause the small industries to eventually cease unless they partner. Although it is a big hit for small Industries, there will be more employment opportunities for youngsters.
Children will benefit from the removal of Article 370 as the education institutes were scarce in the state. Regions like Ladakh have only one major upcoming University and that too due to the local cooperation and commitment. The removal of Article 370 will lead to the establishment of major universities in the region which is a major advantage for students keen on pursuing higher studies close to home.
The connectivity in the region suffered in the past. With dangerous roads such as the Mozilla Pass and the Manali- Leh route, the only possible ways to reach Ladakh by road, many tourists fear taking a road trip to the region. Even then, a road trip to Leh ranks high on a lot of people’s bucket list and a true biker fantasy.
The removal of Article 370 may bring with its better connectivity in the areas which will help the locals as well as it will help the tourism industry to boom.

This historical decision brings with it many advantages but also at the same time it brings with its numerous doubts and criticism such as the people of the region fear that this will make the Muslim majority region into a Hindu majority region. Imposing a decision on the people when they are in a state of lockdown, with no means to communicate, local leaders on house arrest, and no internet is highly distasteful. 

Whatever the decision may be, the execution set a distasteful precedent. Only time can tell if it was the correct or closest to the correct decision for the world’s largest democracy.

- Sunidhi Shende

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