5 Reasons Why Early Working Professionals Should Attend the Youth Leadership Conference

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The Youth Leadership Conference is a 2-day residential program organised by Eat My News for early working professionals (0 to 5 years). More than 200 people from across the globe have attended our conferences and recommend it to their peers. So, if you are imagining how the boring idea of a conference can have such a profound impact on your life, here’s how-

1.Taking your skills to the next level
As early professionals you have achieved the feat of landing a job, proving to yourself and the world that you definitely have some skills that are desirable and in demand. Congratulations! But are the skills you mentioned in your glowing resume at the time of appointment enough to get you the promotion you have been eyeing for a few months? or to make the shift from your existing place of work to a new one?
If you have the skills to find meaningful work then all you need is to sharpen them so that opportunities knock your doors instead of you banging heads to find one. As part of the Youth Leadership Conference (YLC here on), you will be able to add to your skill set because of the close interactions you will have with industry experts. Theses interactions backed with quick application-based activities will enable you to do a SWOT analysis and set the road map for acquiring new skills and taking the existing ones to the next level.

2. Being a part of a larger community and making your own unique contribution
By attending YLC, you get to become a lifelong member of a community that is working towards making the world more inspired, informed and intelligent. By joining the global community, you not only pledge to serve yourself but also serve others. Isn't that the greatest form of fulfilment one can derive?

There will be a lot of knowledge sharing and opportunities that will come your way, from what you can call your own little family. You will be joining a big network of people whose lives have been touched by working with EMN and now they're ready to impact many others. Who knows if you land in your dream job or get that promotion that you have been eyeing on? If you're ready to give, you will get more than you ever expect. Try it out selflessly.

If you would like to attend the conference, then you have to fill out this form and we'll call you: http://bit.ly/workingprofessional

While being in your job, if you're still yearning to add value to the society, you also get to work with EMN, if your time allows. In case you're willing and able, you're most welcome to work with us too on a part-time volunteer basis.

As individuals, we always aim to add value even if it is on the smallest scale. After attending a YLC you will have the opportunity to work in a department of your choice in the most flexible manner possible, with liberty very few firms provide giving rise to experiences you wish you had earlier. These are some of the departments we have:

Content writing 
Social media marketing 
Youth marketing 
YouTube content and videos 
HR & talent management 
Community expansions 
Online reputation management 
Skill development & courses 

Exposure in the above areas will equip you with tips and tricks that you can apply at your current workplace and even use to arrive at personal branding solutions.

3.Transforming connections to Friends
Being a professional, you know or must slowly be knowing the value of having a strong network of connections.  ‘It’s not what you know, it is who you know’ a line bombarded on your LinkedIn emails reminding you that it is time you added people to your network. Sometimes, you need a push to step out of your comfort zone but you will be amazed how in a YLC every conversation will make you feel at ease. A two -day conference blended with so much social and professional learning that we might start thinking that making friends does not get simpler than this.

4. Getting in touch with the Younger You
It is with great passion and hopes that we set our dreams in college. The hard work and exposure in all these student years finally reward you with what you wanted. But the transition from a college student to an employee has its pros and cons. Catching the metro or booking cabs, running to punch in your cards on time, having lunch with the same people and hovering around the conference rooms can become boring. Doing similar work can make you complacent and your upward going graph might come to a standstill.
Becoming a part of a community enables you to start afresh and think about the actual purpose that motivated you to work. With so much young energy in the room, your optimism and willingness to work are ready to be increased by leaps and bounds.
If you think the above statement was just a lay claim research (Staudinger, 2007) shows that intergenerational interaction increases your motivation, zeal and even approach to relationships.

5. Investing in yourself
With hectic work schedules striking a work-life balance becomes hard and so does investing in yourself. So why not invest in a once in a lifetime opportunity at a YLC. Invest just two days, redefine your professional goals and meet a bunch of interesting people who will change your interpretation of social goals.

The Youth Leadership conference is an ideal getaway yet reality check to realign with your personal and professional commitments. Moreover, it is a chance to unleash the change maker within you as part of a young reliable community, you can always fall back on. All you need to do is express your willingness to become a member of the Eatizen family.

- Maitreyi Mehndiratta

If you would like to attend the conference, then you have to fill out this form: http://bit.ly/workingprofessional
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