6 Excuses For Making Late Submissions

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Have you ever missed a deadline to submit an assignment? Have you ever got frustrated about what to tell your boss or your teacher about this critical situation?
If so, keep reading to know how to handle such things.

Note: This is not about encouraging laziness instead it is about rescuing you from getting fired or lose points and never being late again.

Work is a part of our lives. Work can not be that hard to accomplish but definitely sticking to deadlines may push you too much if time management is not up to your alley!
Of course, there are reasons and habits behind always being on the late end of things below are a list of reasons you have given to justify being late.

1."I am sick"

Saying this, will either make your superior belive that his doubts of you being weird beyond acceptance are true or that you are actually sick. If said in the right manner it means that you are ill. Being ill is a genuine reason for submitting work late. Many times the pressures of meeting deadlines cause sickness and reduced work productivity.
This is really a serious reason that may make someone miss a deadline. It is unpredictable, uncontrollable and moreover undesirable at all that the person himself is sad having it.
Personally, if I were in the employer shoes, I would never say a word because it is the most out of control circumstance.

2."My colleagues and I met to discuss the assignment and we found some serious issues that made us reconsider our entire work"

This one is legendary! There is hardly someone who has not used it once in their lives.

Everybody gathered actually for the sake of doing the assignment but someone cracked a joke, this one got hungry so they ordered pizza, the mood needed a movie to watch, someone fell asleep and they eventually they ended up not completing their work and simply this is how the night went! It is like a group study, you think you will enjoy studying but you end up only enjoying.

3."I pulled an all-nighter and forgot to submit "

It may seem logical to some people, but really if you pulled an all-nighter how could you forget about submitting your work. Isn’t hitting the send button, followed by a sigh of relief the best part of meeting a deadline.

4."I did it all but my nephew/niece was there and he/she poured some water by accident on my papers and I got mad "

Apart from being incredibly cute and adorable, kids or younger siblings can strangely get you out of and even in deeper trouble. This excuse may only work if you have to submit a hard copy. Say that for a soft copy and you are looking at unforgettable public embarrassment for good 10 days.

5. "Oh! the deadline was yesterday? I thought it is the next week!"

Forgetting deadlines may not work now. From google calenders to setting reminders on your phone, there is enough apparatus for you to not forget your work. Delaying work using this excuse will not give a good impression about the commitment you have towards your work.

 6.The Death of a relative

God knows how many times have we have made a few dead relatives alive only to kill them again. Playing with emotions and putting the sympathy card on the table may have worked for many to reduce the guilt lingering work and missing deadlines.

Some people perceive work and work-related deadlines as constraints, others use deadlines as a technique to accomplish targets faster and efficiently.
Undoubtedly there must be undesirable events that may cause the work or assignments to be delayed because we all know that the only predictable thing about life is its unpredictability.
When stuck in tricky situations explain your condition to your boss if you work or to your teacher if you study and he/she will understand you.
But if being late is a part of your routine, it is never too late to get rid and work of this trait. 

so make plans
set reminders
divide your goal into small achievable tasks
prioritize these small tasks
save your work and have a backup

Figure out your own strategy so that you may never have to use lame or not so lame excuses!

- Written by Asmaa Saleh Farid Hassan Shaheen

- Edited by Maitreyi Mehndiratta

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