11 Facts about the 11th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati

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The iconic tune looming in the background, a vibrant Mr. Bachchan walking towards the camera and an audience whose applause seems very natural for a reality show and silences only when one of the most revered actors of Indian Cinema opens his mouth to give his opening remarks and greet the audience before the beginning of a new episode is what makes Kaun Banega Crorepati ( Who wants to be a Millionaire) , a highly celebrated  Television Show.
With the 11th season of the show being aired from the 19th of August, the show has undertaken a long journey since its inception in 2000. Below listed are 11 facts that you might have not known about the show and it’s the latest season-

1. Mr Bachchan’s Bankruptcy
Amitabh Bachchan Corporation Limited (ABCL), is where it all started. The company was created in 1996, its success was short-lived due to the expenses it began to incur. From producing various films which cast Big B to sponsor beauty pageants a few less calculated business moves determined the downfall of the company so much so that in 1999 itself the company approached the Board of Industrial and financial reconstruction (BIFR) in order to be declared a sick enterprise.

2. When KBC became the way out
As the company went bankrupt, creditors frequented ‘Pratiksha’, his home, banging doors, demanding money and also abusing. With the company and Mr Bachchan tackling a financial disaster came a ray of hope. Kaun Banega Crorepati was offered to Mr Bachchan in 2000 by Star Plus. 
When this proposition was made there was a lot of scepticism from his near and dear ones about him coming on Television considering his financial circumstances. But being the Big B that he is he took the risk of doing something new.  With KBC lining up for him, he was able to pay as much as 90 Cr of his debts and repay what he owed to Door darshan by doing commercials for them.
 The reason why KBC is so special to Mr Bachchan’s heart is that it changed the darkest point in his life to an unimaginable life-transforming opportunity. Once KBC hit the television screens, there has been no looking back. The show gained popularity beyond comprehension and after the third season instead of Star Plus, Sony swept KBC into its wing and from the 4th season to the 11th about 40 million viewers tune to enjoy the show.

3. The ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ angle
Being the method actor or show host Big B actually went to see ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ in England to understand the format of the show and the audience for such a quiz show. In fact, when contestants get selected to sit on the prestigious hot seat, he is prepared with their background information. He pays special attention to go through and be fully aware of their circumstances.

4. Before becoming the Fastest Finger First
The journey to getting on the hot seat is tedious, over the years we have seen many contestants who made it the grand sets of KBC but could never sit on the hot seat. Even before fastest finger first there are many screening stages. The first stage involves answering questions via SMS through the Sony Liv app or another medium depending on your phone network. The next stage involves a GK quiz, where I randomly selected participants to answer a set of questions over the phone. The third stage deals with an on-ground audition. If you are able to survive after these 3 rigorous rounds then you earn your place as a Fastest Finger First contestant.

5. The Changemakers at KBC
Since the last season, the show has attached a new kind of episode called ‘KBC Karam veer’. This special episode includes a pair of change-makers and celebrities who play the game to raise funds for social causes. Last season saw the likes of Super 30 teacher (Anand Sir), PV Sindhu and Praveen Teotia (who saved 150 lives in the 26/11 attacks). Common people who have taken the world by the storm of their great socially driven deeds earn their special place on the hot seat.

6. This year’s theme
Every year KBC has a new theme which always helps you to believe that knowledge is power. This year’s theme is Vishwaas Hai Toh Khade Raho #AdeyRaho. (Believe in and stand for the belief)

7. The playing along with factor
Apart from the contestants, the audience at the sets and the expert advisor anybody with the Sony Liv app can play the game and get their hands-on exciting prizes.

8. A slight change in Tune 
The success of the show and its recollection is synonymous with the iconic tune of the show. For the 11th season, the tune has been slightly modified by music directors and composers Ajay Atul and only the most loyal fans could hear this difference.

9. Behind the scenes
On one of the most-watched quiz show on Indian Television, a lot of amazing things happen. One such amazing thing is that the audience is provided with free food. Yes, you read it right free food! The second thing is that our one and only ‘computer’ is no computer and actually a techie who sits on the floor close to Mr Bachchan with a Mac and lots of other equipment due to lack of space. The most innovative and new addition this season is Buggy. Buggy is a Robo camera that takes the most dramatic shots during the show. With so much going on the show, it is hard to understand who all are becoming the actual crorepatis?

10. Lifelines
Over the years the lifelines of the show have become a part of the local lingo, from terms like 50-50 to phone a friend no one shies away from using these terms. A minor change this season is that an old lifeline called flip the question has been retained along with the previous standards.

11. The actual prize
Conversing with Mr Bachchan, earning money through the might of the mind and coming on TV is a dream for many. But in reality, the earning money part is not entirely true. As per previous season observations, a tax of   31.20% has to be paid for earnings from game shows. So even if you win a crore, sadly you are not taking a crore home.

Over the years we have seen Mr Bachchan change to a host with specs, seen the shift from prize money being paid in a cheque to the digital transfers and now even robots take part in filming the show.  With Kaun Banega Crorepati not only contestants on the hot seat clinch prize money and change their fate but the host on the other side of the computer screen is also someone who has managed to change his destiny with Kaun Banega Crorepati. For those of you whose belief in the power of knowledge has been re-established by the show and the show even acts as a family bonding time need not be reminded to tune to Sony Tv at 9’oclock every evening and for those for whom it is just another Indian Quiz show, you have a lot of choices.

- Maitreyi Mehndiratta

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