Rhea Sethi's Youth Leadership Conference and BOYL Experience

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It was just one of those nights where all those deep thoughts about life and the big picture hit you randomly and leave you momentarily motivated to make headway. However, 2 a.m. isn’t the best time to channelise that energy efficiently, so all you can really do is browse the internet for something useful until you go back to the Netflix tab. My life, I realised, had been too stagnant for a while. I needed to engage in a new environment with new people to make room for growth. I needed change. 

The first viable solution that came to my mind was an internship, and so I googled for opportunities. I stumbled upon a bunch of laudatory reviews about Eat My News. After perhaps a half-hour of research, I applied to the Board Of Young Leaders (BOYL), and was fortunate enough to get selected. I watched YouTube videos of people talking about their Youth Leadership Conference experiences, and though they assured me that I wouldn’t regret attending the conference, the picture was still very vague and evoked my curiosity. I’m not one to make impulsive decisions normally but this time I had, and the desire to see how it would turn out made me more eager to attend the YLC 9.0. I had no idea about what these two days away from home would entail and didn’t know a single of my peers’ names. However, I never really had any second thoughts about it because of the mere fact that I’d be embarking on a new journey. 

I walked in with just one expectation- finding out what exactly makes everyone a fan of the YLC and hopefully agreeing with them at the end of the two days. After initial anticipation, I started getting the ‘good vibes’ as soon as we were welcomed into the conference hall, or more so, into the Eat My News family. The first and foremost goal of the conference seemed to be to get us all comfortable with each other by creating the warm, positive and fun atmosphere that the community brings with it. Simultaneously, a high degree of importance was attached to the educational aspect of the conference. The sessions provided a judgment-free space to speak our minds, learn from others’ opinions, and think about things that we often overlook in day-to-day life. The activities were all conducive in some way to overcome our hesitation and inhibitions. I’ve never been one to open up easily or quickly to new people, but there I was, having personal conversations with people I had met just a few hours ago. Through the two days, we all managed to bond with each other better than you could possibly imagine. It’s safe to say each of us walked out of YLC with more than a dozen new and great friends. 

That was just the beginning, we then set out to work as official BOYL members. I started working as the Human Resource Manager. Apart from learning something new every step of the way and broadening our horizons, the leadership positions we have all assumed make us feel responsible for taking EMN to heights greater than it has already achieved. The sense of belongingness that I feel here is perhaps the strongest I have ever felt. Work is best when it doesn’t feel like work but still manages to teach you a great deal. What surprises me the most is how, unlike most corporate settings, EMN helps you develop all the skills essential for the future, but also upholds its values of treating each member with respect and love. Like any other organisation, there is a hierarchy, but what’s different is how that doesn’t come in the way of us all feeling close and connected to each other. 

I can confidently say being impulsive has worked out quite amazingly for me. Eat My News has become a dear part of my life, and will always hold a special place in my heart. After all, “Once an Eatizen, Always an Eatizen!”

- Written by Rhea Sethi

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Rhea Sethi's Youth Leadership Conference and BOYL Experience Rhea Sethi's Youth Leadership Conference and BOYL Experience Reviewed by EMN on September 22, 2019 Rating: 5

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