5 Weird Things That Made News This Week

Embrace your weirdness

There are a lot of blazing issues that manage to catch the general public’s attention, from the economic slowdown to the records being broken at the India v/s West Indies test match; from the commencement of Ganesh Chaturthi to storms in international relations, a wide array of instances is making the news. So, we get to you a list of five less heard slightly weird and even offensive pieces of information that definitely made the news.

1. Philadelphia Starbucks prints ‘ISIS’ instead of the names of Muslim men

Imagine if you’re an Indian, going into a coffee shop and they print your name as “Bollywood”. Something of the sort but worse happened this week with three young Muslim men. In a Starbucks outlet in Philadelphia, the cashier printed “ISIS” (a terrorist organization) on the coffee cups of a customer named Aziz and two of his friends. The three young men were frequent customers and didn’t notice it till they had walked out. 

Image result for philadelphia starbucks isis

Image Source -The Indian Express

Clicking pictures of a Starbucks coffee cup having your name on it is quite the craze nowadays but this time it took a wrong turn and the cup found itself on twitter with Netizens slamming the coffee chain.

2. To convince her for treatment, 11 months old baby’s doll was plastered.

Children are known for throwing tantrums and not always cooperating and listening to adults. The same happened when an 11-month-old baby, Zikra, was rushed to the hospital as her thigh bone was fractured. She was not ready to cooperate and would not accept the treatment. Her mother thought on her feet and intervened. 

Image result for old baby doll was plastered
Image Source -India Today

She requested the doctors to perform similar treatment on a doll which Zikra considered her best friend. It was a weird request but the doctors obliged. Watching her best friend get the same treatment Zikra became cooperative and accepted the treatment. She is now recovering well. After all, they say that Mother knows the best.

3. Promotion of diversity gone wrong with Cadbury’s new ‘Unity Bar’

On the occasion of Independence Day, Cadbury announced the new ‘Unity Bar’ to promote diversity. It consisted of four different versions of chocolate- dark, blended, milk and white. While the intentions may have been good, Twitterati didn’t take it that way.

Image result for cadbury unity bar
Image Source – The Indian Express

The ‘Unity Bar’ faced a lot of backlashes and became infamous with tweets such as “I mean.... but the white chocolate at the top and the colours are segregated.... so, they could call this diversity if they wanted...” and “Say hello to the new age of "Creative Racism"....”. Who knew that a bar of chocolate had the power to not only offend taste buds but also sentiments?

4. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Account gets hacked

Everyone on Twitter was left concerned when Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account got hacked this Friday. The hackers posted bomb threats and racist comments. Although the tweets and retweets were deleted within an hour, the damage had been done. The common concern was that if the Twitter CEO’s account can be hacked, anyone’s account can be hacked.
Twitter explained that their system was not compromised. It was due to a security oversight by the mobile provider of the phone number associated with the account. This explanation didn’t manage to calm anybody but instead, a concern loomed over everybody’s head.

5. Sania Mirza’s photo instead of PT Usha in Sports day poster

A poster was put up for National Sports Day Celebrations in Vishakhapatnam. The poster ticked everyone off when they saw its contents. The poster consisted of the photo of Sania Mirza and the name under it was of the legendary athlete PT Usha.

Image result for sania mirza's photos instead of pt usha
  Image Source -The Indian Express

This mistake was quickly spotted by a passer-by. It made its mark on social media and the authorities were left ashamed. The poster was later removed but it made many criticize the ignorance on the part of the Andhra Pradesh Government.

A lot of different and weird instances took place this week, forcing us to think that if there were no mass or social media would we still be aware of such things and where are we headed as a global community?

- Written by Sunidhi Shende

- Edited by Maitreyi Mehndiratta

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