A Good Salary Is Not Synonymous with a Good Job

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You may think that a good job is what pays a good salary, but regret to tell you that it may happen to have a good job paying very good but you still not being happy with it! So, salary is not the only criteria to tell whether a job is good or not, and this takes us to the point that there are much more factors that define how good a job is.

Following are some of the factors that have a lot to tell about whether your job is good or not.

1. Acknowledge!

Nothing beats being acknowledged and appreciated in your work! It is a magical key to the success of the whole company. Studies and statistics in work showed that an employee is likely to work best when he feels acknowledged.

2. Belonging!

This is the best that a company could pay to its employees! It is better to feel a part of your team and company than being paid well but regretting the day you joined this team, right? You can feel it in work outings, casual events and all of the fun times you have with your team.

3. Trust

When your company or your boss – let’s say- has trust in you and can count on you, it takes things further to a better feeling of being a considerable part of the success, the thing that ensures the flowing of the success.

4. Opportunity to learn and grow

An encouraging work environment that gives you a chance to learn and grow is absolutely a very healthy and empowering one. Such jobs are adding value to you and vice-versa. Companies these days invest a lot in nurturing the skills and knowledge of their employees. There are training and induction programs that companies provide to their employees when an employee joins the firm. Apart from these, companies also provide employees with the opportunity to go for higher education and return to the job, which is a very welcoming step.

5. Stability

If you look for a job for life you should keep the stability of the company in your mind.

This is what ensures that you are in a professional environment that appreciate its employees and their efforts because it is really hard to be in a job that has nothing easier than letting you go. One can put in the best efforts only when he/she feels secure at the end of the day. Not having job security will create a passive environment among the employees.

6. Growing opportunities

This is a major factor that gives you as an employee a further aim to achieve which makes you excited to do better because there is another role there waiting for you. This should not be neglected while you search for a job. You shouldn’t be stuck at one position within the corporate ladder for the entirety of your career. Your job should provide you with ample opportunities to climb up the ladder.

7. Your team

The relations you develop at your workplace play an important role in determining the quality of your job. If you have developed some good relationships and have a nice bunch of people who help you out, then you will end up enjoying even hectic hours at the office. On the other hand, a good-paying job but bad relations with your colleagues and heads will make you feel alienated and you might consider leaving your job very soon.

8. Salary

Come on! We all work for money too! A reasonable salary compared to the work hours, responsibilities, duties and location of work is, of course, a good point to account for while judge a job. A healthy salary – work hour ratio is a good indicator, although not the only indicator of the quality of your job.


From the above points, it is very clear that the quality of the job you have is determined not only by the salary you are paid but lots of other factors as well. The combination of these factors will determine how happy you will be at your workplace. Out of the 8 points mentioned above, if your job provides less than 50% of the same, you might want to consider finding a new job for yourself.

- Asmaa Shaheen

- Purav Nayak

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