6 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Workplace

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Have you ever sat on your office desk to start your job and felt that you are running out of energy? Or you have the power to do a given task but you don’t have sufficient interest to start!

If so, it is a sign you are not in a healthy workplace. It is okay. we all have been there. However, we should make an effort and try to make our workplace a healthy one where the mind and the body doesn’t get stressed out.

In your opinion, what helps us in increasing our productivity- a healthy workplace where the mind and the body can function to their full efficiencies, or a dull lethargic place, where you go without any interest, just for the sake of completing your assigned jobs. The answer is very obvious!

A workplace has a lot of roles to play in deciding the productivity of the people who are working there. Work is not limited to only work and papers. It is related to the company as a whole, work, co-workers, even your office desk. 

So, here are some ways for you to create a healthy workplace. 

1. Maintain good relationships in work. 

And I mean good especially when you are new to the job. Try to get to know your colleagues and other people of the organization and build meaningful relationships with them. Don't be judgemental, especially when you are new to the workplace. Try maintaining good relationships. Network as much as you can, with small bits of socializing. 

2. Know your worth and your duties. 

Know exactly what are your job duties and also know your worth, strengths and weaknesses. 
It is okay to do a little extra work or show up early at the place but state that it is extra and not obligatory. 

3. Maintain a work-life balance

It is a common perception that the daily routine of work would disturb your schedule if you participate in other activities. People think they won’t be able to manage their time properly and sacrifice the activities which they earlier used to perform. 

Based on experiences and statistics, people who give up their social lives are more likely to get depressed and feel defeated by the daily routine. Never give up your hobbies, volunteer in some activities, do sport regularly, join social gatherings. Life is not meant to be revolving around work, go and participate in social life. 

4. Keep your favourite stuff around at the workplace

We work better when feel comfortable. This is very personal advice- everyone has a favourite item in their room that makes them feel better. That small flowery notebook that looks so girly, that tiny toy that makes you feel at home, even that small flower pot and that relaxing toy. Having one of them on your desk would absolutely emit positivity and make you familiar to the place if you are new to it. 

5. Use planners and To-Dos

Being overwhelmed by tasks and deadlines is never cool! Your workday will become easier when you prioritize your tasks. Use techniques such as making mind-maps and using a daily schedule. Have some beautiful planners, colourful sticky which would definitely give you positive vibes and will set your productivity high. 

Time management is a vital factor that defines your quality of work and use of the above tools ensures an optimal time management strategy. 

6. Start your day earlier 

We all have the same 24 hours, however, you still see people struggling with their day while others have a full life a day. 

The key is starting your day early. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than the preceding day for some days so that gradually you inculcate the habit of waking up early. This way, you can have some additional time for yourself or for doing some workouts before work that will boost your productivity. 

The workplace is not meant to be perfect but it can be acceptable somehow, so never panic or lose your calm. We all have issues and every time you feel down remember why you started in the first place. Life is not linear and it is full of struggles. We can do two things, run away from them and lead a passive life, or stand up to them and develop a better version of us. 

- Asmaa Shaheen

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