"Love is not found in another, it is a self-perpetuated experience " - Nicole Gibson

Nichole Gibson

Who is Nicole Gibson (Backstory)

Through working with 300,000 people worldwide, across 300 communities, I saw repeatedly the ways in which we overcomplicated solutions. It’s imperative we return to the foundations of what makes us human if we want to see the progress of any kind. The fundamental truths of our humanity; the need to be seen, heard, acknowledged and loved. In systems that are driven over and over by fear and bureaucracy, we’re failing to meet our needs for connection.

Going through the heath system during my teenage years, with a 5 year battle with anorexia nervosa, I experienced first hand what it felt like to be neglected and dehumanised by systems that are supposed to hold and support our most vulnerable. I also experienced the fears that rose up in those around me, due to the vulnerability they felt in leaning into difficult and uncomfortable conversations. 

After 8 years working in mental health as a CEO, Commonwealth Commissioner and grass-root advocate, I saw thousands of people affected in the same way. In the world today we need front-line leaders who are prepared to truly embody the change we’re needing in the world. Leaders that are prepared to lead authentically, with integrity and with love and compassion as their compass.

What led you to start the Love Out Loud Movement

After almost 8 years leading a non-profit and working politically in the field of mental health, I had heard so many stories. I realised something I could no longer ignore. Just because policy changes, just because a non-profit launch a brilliant model of support - doesn’t necessarily mean change truly happens. Why? Because what ultimately makes the greatest impact is how we treat each other - how we show up for one another every single day. 

The choices we either make from love, or from fear. It became apparent to me that we needed messengers of love, messengers and leaders brave enough to cut through and get to the root what needs to be addressed. What are we choosing in our humanity and what is the ultimate causation of these choices? 

To bring awareness and education on how to make more choices in love; to help one another truly be seen and heard. It was clear that this was the path for me, so I left behind an extremely successful career and I wrote my book. It astounds me that Love Out Loud has grown into the movement it is today, supported by thousands across the world (and we’re just getting started). It really does show me just how contagious love is.

What is the Love Out Loud Movement?

Love Out Loud is a cutting edge global movement that’s shifting humanities paradigm of fear and painting a possibility. With a vision to facilitate the world’s largest love-based movement in human history, we’re engaging 4% of the global populous by the end of 2020. Love is an actionable skillset that can be taught, applied and cultivated in each moment, through each person, no exceptions. It’s time we stop seeing love as a romanticised cliche and begin to harness its true power to transform, heal and create.

We engage individuals, communities, governments and organisations in unique love-based methodologies, through seminars, high-level retreats, festivals, organisational/bureaucratic consultation and digital content, inspiring profound transformation. With 85% of the world experiencing loneliness every single day, suicide being one of the leading causes of death in the western world, and mental illness set to become the world’s leading health epidemic in human history, it’s time for a quantum leap. Together we can move from a fear-based perspective on life to a perspective of expansion and co-operation. 
This movement is about us, we, our. Love Out Loud is painting a new vision for the world and human existence.
5 things you wish everyone knew about Love

There are 5 principles that guide the whole philosophy of love. They are;

1. Love is not found in another, it is a self-perpetuated experience 
2. Love is your nature.
3. Becoming complete with love is a process of aligning your heart and mind
4. Life is not happening to you, you are happening to life. The outside world is a mirror of your internal world; to reach a state of self-love is to see love (you) in all things.
5. Evolution is happening regardless of whether we consciously participate in it, or not (we are always moving towards unity and love)

Your favourite quote on Love

A quote from Rumi; “love is the bridge between us and everything” 

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"Love is not found in another, it is a self-perpetuated experience " - Nicole Gibson "Love is not found in another, it is a self-perpetuated experience " - Nicole Gibson Reviewed by EMN on October 30, 2019 Rating: 5

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