Decoding the entry of Zomato in Web-Streaming

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Imagine walking on a road where you not only find your favourite dishes but also the chef of the dish, enjoying the food with actors and comedians sharing yours as well as listening to their food experiences around the globe. Well, this is a dream come true situation because Zomato has just entered the web streaming industry. 

Why enter the Web-streaming market? 

Zomato, itself has a good reputation all around the globe. Around 40 million people in India use online delivery app which Zomato is well known for. On-demand food delivery has changed the food system of the world. Out of which Zomato’s current market capture is of 35 million people. There are times when people order several times a week, and hence the app has shown its trust on the people. 

Recently, the reputation of the company was sabotaged, after the Zomato’s delivery boy on Jabalpur customer controversy, the ratings of the app had gone low. But with this step, they are aiming at not only establishing dominance in the food market but also giving a tough competition to the existing web-streaming giants like Netflix, Amazon, etc. 

Zomato Web Streaming- What and How? 

This app will be the first one in the whole web streaming industry, which will deliver food to your doorstep, along with a small series on how to make it. This new feature was launched on 15th September 2019. 

Instead of launching a separate video streaming app, Zomato's new streaming service will be a part of the existing app under the ‘Videos’ tab in the Zomato app. They will launch 18 original shows over the next 3 months having the video length of 3-15 minutes. All the Zomato Original shows which will be around food across categories such as comedy, reality, fiction, advice, celebrity interviews will explore food in unique, engaging and entertaining videos. Zomato will try to create its niche by offering customers video streaming as a value-added service rather than making a paid app, at least to begin with.

Zomato- Extending a legacy

Zomato has never disappointed its customers as well as its employees. With its fast delivery on the doorstep and its Gold Membership offer, it has already set the benchmark for its competitors.  Its main competitor, Swiggy, is still far away from the level Zomato has reached. And now with this video streaming series, the food services giant has captured an even larger market share. 

For example, my mother is a cooking enthusiast. She likes to cook new dishes as soon as she gets to hear it or just taste it. For her, it is always a new day of learning a new recipe and making it for us. When she will watch the series around food, this will enhance her interest, hence she will visit the app more for brand new content, and then even before knowing, she automatically will be addicted to these. Like my mother, there are other people too, who will watch these, and hence create more traffic. During this, they may show on which city to order that dish and maybe a few people will. 

 Food delivery to food engagement

“We are constantly looking for new ways to engage our users around food. Most of our users visit our app several times a week. This presents us with an opportunity to further delight our users using Zomato Originals” said Deepinder Goyal, CEO, and Founder, Zomato. “We combined all things food with binge-worthy genres and came up with a diverse slate of shows,” added Durga Raghunath, Senior Vice-President, Growth, Zomato. “With shows in both Hindi and English, we hope every corner of India will tune in to Zomato to hone their taste buds.” These were some words said by a few important people of the company when asked about its new launch of series. 

Will Zomato be able to influence the youth?

The most difficult and upcoming challenge for the company will be to convert the youth watching these series. India has the largest audience in the web streaming industry where most of them are youth. For the youth, the mindset is to watch something funny or something adventurous, suspenseful, full of fiction with a hint of love in it. Accepting the stories of these plus the food around will take extra time to convert the youth watching these series. 


Zomato will have to make the content not only for adults but also for the Youth. Since this will take time, other web streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon, etc, will not need to be in tension but that does not mean they should not worry at all. If this trial goes in the favour of Zomato, then maybe other apps may also accept this new ideology and may want to collaborate with them. Well this is in the future, and the future may change, but we give all the good luck to Zomato for this new step, and it will be interesting to see whether it becomes successful or not. 
 - Shreyati Garg

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