Curbing the pollution in New Delhi: Personal and State Measures


India is known for its culture, food, historical infrastructure and its heart, which is Delhi, the capital of India. But unfortunately, India’s heart is accumulated by more than 999 hazardous tars. 
According to the Central Pollution Control Board, the data showed that Delhi’s air quality index is 412, which is equivalent to a newborn baby, inhaling 30 cigarettes per day in the year 2019. India ranked 177 in pollution according to the global Environment Performance Index and Delhi is on top out of 29 states, and slowly it is dragging towards obumbrate. 

What is the reason for the air pollution in Delhi?

It will be unfair to inculpate one state for deteriorating the environment of the city. According to SAFAR data (system of air quality and weather forecasting), 46% of pollution can be attributed to the states of Punjab and Haryana, where stubble burning raises environmental concerns, an example of which could be seen in the recent pollution concerns that Delhi had faced. From 2016 to 2018 stubble burning was a nosedive but in 2019 it raised to 40℅. Haryana government also has a role to play in Delhi pollution because it doesn’t provide much compensation to its people like farm machines, subsidy on agricultural equipment and tools. 

There are several other factors which are also responsible like:

1. An increasing number of vehicles every year, and no control over it.

2. Delhi is a metropolitan city that is between Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and these cities are under development. So, from these states, people are entering NCR for finding jobs thus the population is increasing as well as pollution is rising.

3. Near Delhi, there are 13 industrial power plants that are working continuously and their smoke is depleting the environment, which is creating diseases like asthma, sickness, cardiovascular as well as lung damage.

4. There are a few rural areas where still deforestation is going on for making metros, building, and corporate offices and so on. Destruction of trees for our greed is inadequately leading to land erosion.

5.Degradation of water quality due to shoving of waste material into the river and sea.

How to curb Delhi’s pollution?

In order to tackle the pollution and bring about a clean and green New Delhi, actions need to be taken on the personal level as well as on a State level. 

Personal Measures

1. Don’t use a vehicle past 10 years of time.

2. A shift from Petrol and Diesel engine vehicles to the more clean CNG vehicles.

3. Get regular pollution checks done for your vehicle.

4. Build sanitary facilities in your neighbourhood.

5. Waste disposal should be done only in dustbins and dumping grounds and roads and public places should not be littered.

6. Planting as many trees as possible so that the harmful greenhouse gases can be absorbed.

Government Measures

1. The government should take care of a proper waste management system in the city of New Delhi. For example – Separate containers for Biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes and wet and dry wastes. Dustbins should be placed on roadsides to promote proper waste disposal.

2. Strict laws should be put in place to check the pollution caused by vehicles.

3. The government can try out incentivizing the public for using public transport services and cleaner alternatives for transport, like CNG vehicles.

4. Putting in place properly defined limits for industrial organizations in terms of their carbon footprint, and penalizing organizations and individuals who overexploit the environmental resources for their personal needs.

Being healthy in polluted environments

During the recent degradation in the air quality in Delhi, people started facing serious health concerns such as respiratory problems, cardiovascular diseases. To keep oneself safe from the hazards of a polluted environment, the following methods can be employed:

1. Wearing a good quality mask whenever going out.

2. Using air purifiers and plants inside the house

3. Avoiding unhealthy food and having a proper balanced diet

4. Keeping oneself hydrated.

5. Avoiding doing outdoor physical activities


The recent upsurge of pollution levels in Delhi was a clear indicator of how lethal the environment can be to us if we don’t take care of it properly. This highlights the importance of taking care of the environment so that we can live healthy, pollution-free life and enjoy what nature offers to us. We should ensure that from now on, we spread awareness about the adverse effects of a polluted environment. By bringing about small changes on a personal level and propagating those changes to more and more people, we can ignite a movement for the environment which can further be strengthened by specific steps taken by the government. 

- Himanshu Raghav

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