10 Ways to Kick Start 2020

Your foot is now on the accelerator. We have sped off to 2020. Some of you may not even have an idea of how you ate up a good long year. Who knows what 2020 has in stock for you?  Here are a few things I have to say about making your 2020 fruitful. 

1. Admire your portrait

Look back and have a good evaluation of how your year had been. Of course, there might be a saga of ups and downs. You may have lost your loved ones, gained a new friend, started off a new course or a career and the list is endless. Delete all the unhappy moments from your memory bag and contemplate on the joyful and special events. Analyse how you have been all through the year and how what you made out of yourself. Have a clear idea of where you need to improve and work for the same. 
There would always be something that you can keep close to your heart. It is obvious. Build up a story of your life in 2019, connecting the chain of glorious occasions and if you wish you can write it up and share it to the world. Don't think you need to be a professional writer for doing so. You may get the aid of your best friend. Or else go for an alternative. Almost all of your own mobile phones. Pull out your gadget, fish the gallery for the stunning clicks and make an album. 

2. Dream High 

Just dreaming high must not be your goal. Try to experiment with something new always. Say, for example, cooking, singing, dancing, gardening, beatboxing, writing etcetera...Try to master a skill which you thought you never could. You never know how big your talents are and where they lied buried unless you hunt for them.

3. Maintain a personal diary 

Pen every subtle and delightful moment in your diary even if it amounts to nothing more than waiting under the shade of a tree. If you feel you cannot write daily it's ok. At least record the special moment with their exact date and time. Believe me. It's so much fun. If you can recollect the time and date along with the incident, you can flabbergast your friends sometimes. 

4. Break the shell 

 Never sit idle. Always try to engage in some works. Whenever you feel like being alone, reflect on how you can understand yourself. Study yourself and try to note down your weaknesses and strengths and how you can make a better version of yourself. If you sit lazily, you will always remain where you are and never grow an inch. Break all your inhibitions, communicate with everyone you know, share your thoughts and strive to mend your faults. 

5. A helping hand to others 

Think how you can be an angel to others. It is always said that the Almighty helps you through others. And sometimes you could be that person. Don't always care for yourself alone. Create harmony between your fellow beings and let them know that you will always be there for them. Even if you are unable to meet them in person, you must be a comfort zone for others. You can either cheer them through your voice or just a cute memory you have presented to them serves the purpose. See how you make others smile at your thought.

6. Boost your friend's list 

It is always cool to be surrounded by your friends. Try to make more friends, not just for the sake of increasing your contacts but to keep yourself happy and to have somebody to correct you, guide you and hold your hands at need time of need.

7. Read

Books are always a good companion. ‘Time spent reading is never wasted.' I hope this saying never goes out of trend. There is no better technique you can fatten your vocabulary and improve your language better than this. When you come across a new word, don’t reach out for a dictionary for it makes the reading process monotonous. Try to understand the meaning by placing the word in the context and you get a vague idea of it, though not the correct meaning. When you come across the word in another context, your brain will definitely add it to your dictionary.

8. A bit of you always

Always try to retain a bit of you in whatever you do. No person is the same as you. You are unique. Adopt a unique style in your ways. So, you can add your signature in the world. For instance, arrange your study table or your room in such a way that it appears lively and unique. You can fashion your bed and cupboard in a way that it appeals to your eyes and not others. The decorum in your lifestyle maybe can inspire others too.

9. Explore

Travel as much as you can and explore the countless beauties of nature. Freshen your mind and establish a rapport with nature rather than wasting your time inside the confines of your room. Don’t be homesick. Make yourself capable of fitting in any corner of the world. At the same time, you have an added advantage of gaining freedom. Something that every person looks forward to attaining.

10. Love conquers all 

Never allow hate to occupy a space in your heart. Hate can only hinder your growth and hamper your dreams. Love one and love all. It is the best treasure you can own. And it never gets old. 
Wish you all a joyous year and a desired kickstart in all your endeavours.

- Written by Maryam Salim

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