Ideas for Your New Year’s Eve!!

Finally, we are heading towards the new year with the festive season coming to an end. So, many of us have plans for the new year. Some might just rest on a couch or may party all night. But still, some of you might be unsure what to do on a new year’s eve. After reading this article you will have an idea of what you can do on a new year’s eve. 

Have you ever wonder why do we celebrate the new year but not the new month?? 

No, its because we are so stressed with our work and lives that a new day is not celebrated but for a reason, the new year is celebrated. After 12 months a new year starts with the repetition of all the same festivals again but still, there is a craze of celebrating those again because every now and then situations change, we have different people around us and different opportunities to grab!! 
So, this new year do something effective and for a good cause. 
Now there are certain choices you can make while planning for a New Year’s. So some choices are listed here :

1. Volunteer Yourself 
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This new year volunteer yourself for something out of your comfort zone. Start with the right foot and give back to your community. Be a volunteer blood donor it would help save many lives. Doing something voluntarily will make you happy and strong. When you do things with your own will you will always end up giving happiness all around. Many people don’t have such a lavish lifestyle and need medical, financial, educational help. 

Make the best possible use of your holiday and volunteer yourself. 

2. Go on a Trip 

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So there are many small towns or small islands you can visit nearby and have fun. It isn’t necessary to visit far off places to have fun. Some of you might not like visiting places  just because you don’t have any company but, let’s not make that reason. This new year accompany yourself to a solo trip and know the value of self-love like never before. 

3. Read a Book 

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So if you are a bookworm you can start reading a new book as well. A book that inspires you and you wish to read that for a while, now you can have a chance to do so. It’s all about utilizing the time the way you like it. Reading a book can clear your thoughts and resolve many of your problems. It even distresses you as well. Let’s make this new year stress free and evolve with more confidence and self-love. A cup of coffee, a new book and you are ready to go from the 31st night to the morning of the 1st.

4. Resolutions - A ritual 
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So, we all are familiar with the word resolution as all of us have some or other resolutions every year, it's kind of a ritual. So according to me lets make a list this year, not of a particular resolution but what would you do more this year and less. This will help you in a better way and you can continue with that, even if there is any miscalculation your resolution will not be considered as unproductive. 

5. Pamper Yourself 

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You all would agree, in our daily busy schedule, we don’t get enough of “me time” so make this new year start with “me time” and spend some time pampering yourself. Go for a spa or a massage. Relax in any way you would love too and just pamper yourself. It’s your holiday and you use it the way you want to.   

6.New Year Parties 

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Many of us wait for this moment of the year to just party hard. So, finally guys it’s here and yes you can party all night. You can dance, drink and have fun with your family and friends. 

Pull up your socks and dress up yourself for this new year and party like there is no tomorrow. Just forget all the issues you are struggling with and party this new year Most of you love clubbing and this is the best time (and probably the most expensive time) of the year to go for it. 

7.Drowsy Day 

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Most of us still don’t have any plans for the new year and are too lethargic to get out in this cold, so here is the best plan for all of us. We can just sleep! Sleep! and sleep more!! After taking enough sleep just buy some peanuts and chikki and have fun watching the  Filmfare awards or simply Netflix. It is a plan which would be suitable for all those who don’t wanna go out or don’t have a company to make plans with. 

Finally, the new year is around the corner. Plan something for yourself and don’t let this holiday go waste. Make yourself happy, do whatever you wish too but just make sure you are happy, comfortable and safe. 
Here’s wishing you a Happy New Year!!! 

- Written by Amrita Mansharamani

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