Student Leader Interview – Shiza from Maitreyi College, University of Delhi

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Tell us more about your role and responsibilities at your college?

My name is Shiza Parveen and I am currently the President of Excelsior: The Commerce Society of Maitreyi College. Commerce Department is the biggest department of Maitreyi College with a count of approximately 500+ students. My roles and responsibilities as the president of the society mainly involves organizing the Annual Commerce fest i.e. Comfesco and help students learn a bit more about commerce by helping them gain practical experience. But in the process of doing that a lot of things are involved which are heading different departments like Corporate & Finance, Media & Marketing and many more, training the students to bring the best out of them, organizing various seminars, guest lectures, and most of keeping all the students motivated enough to work and making sure there is harmony amongst all the members. But the responsibilities do not end her, representing the entire Commerce Department involves bridging the gap between the teachers and students at times and being answerable for all the student activities taking place. It is a fun ride full of experiences, lessons and new adventures which always makes me learn and grow in some or the other way.

What’s it like to juggle between a leadership role and normal college life.

For me, juggling between leadership roles and college life has been a roller coaster ride since my 2nd Year. I have been the Marketing Head of Enactus and General Secretary of Excelsior in my 2nd year of college and now the President of Excelsior and Student Advisory of Enactus in my 3rd year. So, when it comes to juggling between the 2, I always feel it is never hard to do both the things together until and unless you’re willing to do it. In comparison with other college students, I was sure missing my lectures but I made sure that there was a balance between the 2. For me, my societies were a part of my normal college life. So, I don’t feel being in one means missing the other part out but rather being in leadership roles helped me in my college life a bit more by gaining exposures and dealing with challenges on a more frequent basis.

As a leader at Excelsior, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? In the beginning when you get a leadership position, it is natural to feel a bit scared and nervous because you’re not sure what all challenges will come your way. But every challenge is sure to help you grow and give experiences from which you can learn and grow. My biggest challenge was to come out of my comfort zone and bringing a balance between all the members. Since Excelsior involves students from all 3 years, I wanted everyone to interact with one another so that they are able to work in a better manner which will lead to efficiency in working. This was done by making them work with one another in different groups and organizing different activities on a regular basis to help them get involved and know each other in a better way. As for coming out of my comfort zone, I feel that is what you go through when you become a part of any society. It helps you do things, which you never thought you can do and come out with flying colors.

What are your career goals and how is your present role going to help you with that?
I have always thought about my career in the field of Marketing. By being a part of societies, it has helped me gain vast experience and improve my marketing skills at every step. It has helped me discover my creative side which I never really thought I had. Managing multiple tasks at once, meeting deadlines and becoming a bit more in order has really helped me in my overall personality development and I’ll always be thankful to my societies for that.

How can we encourage more young students such as yourself to take-up leadership roles?

In the beginning everyone wants to join the societies, but doesn’t want to commit to working. But the most important thing students’ need to learn is to be accountable and ready to take up all kinds of responsibilities. If a student wants to grow in college, then sitting in a classroom will not help. Gaining exposure, being in challenging situations, learning how to work in teams as well as working alone, a person can learn all of this only when they join the societies. Lastly, talking about leadership roles, if you’re committed enough to your work and have a quality to transform others the way you’ve transformed, you’re ready to be leader.

Do you have a message for parents to allow their kids to do things besides academics?

For parents, I just want to tell them that I have been committed to my academics along with my societies. If you don’t allow your child to take up opportunities then they won’t gain exposure and practical experience and that way the academics won’t really help your child to gain confidence to stand up on his/her own in this world. With so much competition present around us nowadays, the best way to make your child learn is to encourage them more and more to take part in extracurricular activities, because it is only then where they experience everything on their own and come out of the challenges. And that is when you will see them transform from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly.

What’s your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

To all the students, I just want to say one thing that right now is the time when you can make the most out of the opportunities. Don’t waste it, grab or find every opportunity you possibly can to learn and grow, because the world doesn’t stop for anyone. The more you can learn, the more you grow and there can never be an end to this. Internships are one thing, which makes you feel confidence and help you get ride of your fear of working with strangers. It is always helpful. And conferences are something where you connect with like-minded people who inspire you to grow. If you take part in anything that you feel brings you a step closer to your career goal, never let that go.
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