Top Movies of 2019 You Can Watch If You Haven't

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With the year gone by, many movies, good, bad and amazing have hit the screens. Cinema has been at its very best. So here is a personal selection from an extremely wide choice of movies of the very best cinema in 2019 for you.

1. Avengers-The Endgame
"I love you 3000" was the most revered dialogues of 2019 since the latest editions to the endgame. This movie not only connected well with the audience but made a huge impact by becoming one of the highest-grossing movies of the year. The Avengers End-game did pull it off this year with a fantastic performance from the cast. Everyone did their best and we loved it from the beginning where Thanos was killed till the end. This was one of the best that 2019 had to offer.

2. The Joker
 Well, "is it just me or, is it getting crazier out there"? The dialogue from the Joker is too amazing. the story of a villain played by Joaquin Phoenix who might just clinch an oscar with this performance is a masterpiece and the best comic book movies of all time. The sets of the movie hit the perfect balance between horror and eccentric. The story focused wholly on Arthur and how he was caught in the character of joker. A must watch movie of 2019 which is bound to have lasting impressions. 
3. Knives Out 
With a power-packed cast and equally packed storyline, this movie is a complete murder mystery with raw humour. An important movie in today's world where people need to realise how it affects innocent individuals who are attacked by racism and xenophobia. The movie is so beautifully made that it keeps the audience engaged and guessing about the murderer. It is entertaining and refreshing to see for everyone. This movie exceeded everyone's expectations and the cinematography was perfectly well balanced. 

4. Booksmart 
A fantastic movie of 2019 with an incredibly talented cast and with the addition of original humour which is rare to see. You can say that it is the funniest high-school movie of this year. I would encourage everyone to watch the movie and laugh their heart out. The main lead Olivia Wilde made her debut with this work. The movie is open to new things and the audience too welcomed it. There's no doubt why this movie is one of the best in 2019. 
5. Parasite 
This movie came out of the box and became a blockbuster in 2019. The movie will remind of the characters that we meet in our life since it's so realistic. It is full of twists, shocks and dark humour. It brilliantly captures the human greed and discrimination on screen. The movie has many powerful plots which could not be guessed easily. It's so realistic that you will say it's the real story of my life. Not a single scene wanders from the storyline which tightly focuses on its characters at all times. Overall it's an emotional movie with an excellent storyline. 
6. The Farewell 
This one with its universal theme and a pinch of humour in it cuts across culturally diverse audiences. Everyone in the movie did brilliant acting all around and the screenplay is combined with lo-fi music. It depicts the traditional differences between Chinese and American medical practitioners. You will cry through the movie and laugh too as it resonates even with the relationship with your elders in the family who are having a hard time. It is a complete family movie.

7. Uri - The Surgical Strike 

The movie is full of energy showcasing how the Indian Army deals with the terrorists who try to infiltrate in India. There are moments which will give goosebumps, make you laugh, will moist your eyes but surely make you feel immensely proud of our national heroes and their achievements. Actor Vicky Kaushal is brilliant as Major Vihan Shergil he is a ruthless  Army officer on the battlefield and a gentleman off the field. The action scenes are well shot combined with the sound effects and VFX makes it more effective. Last but definitely not the least, it gave us our pep dialogue ‘ How is the Josh?’

8. Kesari 

What a scintillating performance by our Akshay Kumar, it was one of his careers best performance. It was a brilliant attempt by Anurag Singh to recreate the historical drama on the big screen where it is well-directed and well-presented. The story is based on the real-life battle fought in Saraghari between 21 soldiers of 36th Sikh Regiment of British Indian Army and more than 10k Afghan tribesmen. tribesmen. The plot itself incites curiosity even if you are not an ardent history lover. 

Every single scene of the movie is so convincing that you do not have the opportunity to raise doubts if something like this could have actually happened. All the characters depicted have an emotional side of their own. Their individual s stories inter-related with the main plot makes you connect with them on an altogether different level. The end is too strong and emotional. It is a must-watch. 
9. Super - 30 
A really inspirational movie by Hrithik Roshan and a much-awaited one. "He will become the King who has calibre" sums up the effort of Mr Anand who wishes to make students coming from slums to get admissions into the most prestigious colleges of India into the IITs. 
The brilliant mind of Anand and the student's curiosity of learning things from everything in their daily life to crack one of the toughest entrance exams to get into IITs is a must-see. The movie gets you a glimpse of the education crisis in India and how it has become a booming business. How Anand Kumar rose to the occasion by becoming an excellent teacher is the story of Super 30. The movie has made us emotional, eyes moist, laughs out loud, angry, and inspired. 

10. Gully Boy

No doubt it is one of the best movies of the year. The film is about the inspiring journey of a young boy Murad played by Ranveer Singh. It highlights a struggling journey where the boy succeeds in the end to become a rap artist. This is an inspirational movie based on the real-life struggle and success of street rap artist Divine and Naezy. The screenplay is praiseworthy and typically different than other movies. The movie needs to be heard, watched and experienced in a true musical sense. It is a must-watch movie of the year which gives the lesson of following your dreams no matter where you come from. 

The movies have had a great run in 2019, let’s see if 2020 could be any better.

- Written by Harsh Sharma

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