7 Good Things About Winters

Are you a wintertime lover, or just spend your time in blanket counting the days till spring arrives!!

I am going, to be frank, I don’t like winters. Starting of the winters are still better, the fresh smell of the air is all around everybody waits for the Christmas eve and New year eve, but once it’s all over I am personally done with the winters. January to March are the longest months of the year no excitement is there. The days seem to be shorter in winters.

And most importantly all the girls would agree that in winters there is a shortage of clothes in the wardrobe and it’s extremely hard to choose.

But there are a few things about winter which I do like. Here goes the list-

1. Snowfall

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Snowfall brings childhood memories, it links the people together. The way snowfalls make a very soothing effect in the surrounding. It gives the freshness and love all around.

Most importantly we all know this time is very limited hence each of us would love to make snowman and snow angels. There are various games which can be played only when it snows! And one cannot forget doing the snow fight for sure.

2. Hot cocoa

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Most of you would agree winter is actually all about hot chocolate. A mug full of melted chocolate with a lot of cream on it and a mouth full of marshmallows perfect remedy for a chilly wet day. The aroma of hot cocoa all around is the finest fantasy one could ever dream off.

3. Pets in woollies

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This is one of my favourite things. Dogs and cats in woollies are way more cute one could imagine. You can’t stay away a minute from them. Those small puppies feel cold too. Making my childhood sweater as their wardrobe collection is the cut above the rest. After clothing, they are not only your pets but also pet models, which is funny but true after all they are carrying your childhood wardrobe so well. Moreover, one photo with your woollen clad pet will make the cutest Instagram post.

4.Warming feet near the fire

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Who doesn’t likes warmness on a damp day? Cracking fire is one of the oldest tradition in winter, which holds the family together and it’s the best time when everyone takes some time for each other and sings and dance together. This is actually the finest time, the smell of hot food is just mesmerizing. When eating, dancing, singing is done what left, is a good relaxing nap near the cracking fire with the family.

5. Layering up

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Though in winters what to wear is a difficult choice but, layering up is the best part we can wear our comfy clothes and just layer it up by either a formal coat or a comfy over-sized sweater. Winters are comfy period of year girls can actually hide their oily or unwashed hair under a stylish cap, unwaxed legs under thigh-high stockings what else do girl’s needs. Winter is probably the finest time to layer up. Probably the last but not least layering up prevents the mosquito bites which absolutely nobody likes.

6. Christmas Eve and the gifts

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Everybody waits for the Christmas Eve wholeheartedly and for the gifts too.

Everyone is busy decorating the homes, Christmas trees and buying gifts for family and friends. It’s something for which everyone is absolutely waiting for and excited about. Christmas carols are the other important part. Those hanging of socks a day before Christmas and then getting a gift the next day is every child’s happy day. For adults, the Christmas cake and shopping is something is exciting.

7. Days off!!

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And the last but not the least comes the holidays. Whether its adults or children, everybody loves days off. After Christmas eve comes the holidays which is absolutely the greatest part of the winter when one could take long hours of sleep no office work, no school, only relaxing and warm home days. Many families love going on vacations in this period of time. It’s almost snowing everywhere and the winds are blowing with a magic all around.

Finally, these were the seven things I do love about winters, and feel that most of you would agree to this. Though the days are shorter, they are limited too. Obviously, it wouldn’t snow in the month of May so, it’s better to have the snow fun and enjoy the winter breaks!!

- Written by Amrita Mahashramani

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