7 Main Attractions of 72nd Army Day

When we lose ourselves in the soothing calmness of the night and sleep soundly under the cosy blankets do we actually think about or pray or thank the heroes that guard us. They are not men with superhuman powers rather human beings with flesh and blood. Who actually cares about their sacrifices? They must be surviving the chilling climate with the help of a bit of heat they managed to get with the limited wood sticks. Risking their lives for the country and leaving behind their kith and kin, they fight tooth and nail as the watchmen of mother India, preserving its integrity and brotherhood. 

There is Navy Day, Republic Day, Independence Day, Mothers Day, Children’s Day and so on. We have reserved a day for honouring each and every being. Likewise, the Indian Army also has a day dedicated for them. The 15th  of January is earmarked for honouring the Indian Army. Their valour, sacrifice, selfless service and bravery are once again remembered and saluted on this very day. Along with the superpowers like Russia, US and China, let us all be proud of having India as one among the biggest armies of the world. India is the fourth strongest army according to the Global Fire Power Index 2017.

1. Taking Defence in our own hands

The significance of having Army Day celebrations on 15th is because this happens to be the day when General KM. Cariappa, known as ‘Kipper' took command of the Indian Army from the Englishman General Francis Robert Roy Butcher in 1949.  Therefore this day marks the transfer of power from the Britishers to the Indians. 

The Indian Army was founded on April 1, 1895 but the Army Day happens to be celebrated on January 15. Why? When India attained independence, the country was experiencing great turmoil. Refugees landed in India and people migrated to Pakistan. So there was many administrative problems. At this time General Francis Robert Roy Butcher felt it the right time to hand over the command of the Indian Army to Indian hands. So Field Marshal KM. Cariappa became the first Indian Army Chief on 15th January 1949. This opportunity is very remarkable for the Indian Army. Thereby Army Day is celebrated on this day. Cariappa was one of the two recipients of the title of Field Marshal of India, Kodandera Madappa Cariappa was India's first post-Independence Commander-in-Chief, hailed from Karnataka.

2. A Female Officer Leads the Way

For the first time in Indian History, a fourth generation woman army officer Captain Tania Shergill led all men contingents at the parade. Tania was commissioned in March 2017 from the officer training academy.  She has followed the legacy of her father and grandfather who was in the 101 Medium Regiment and the 14th Armed Regiment.

3. General Naravane’s first Army Day

This is General Naravane's first Army Day celebration as the chief. He took over from General Bipin Rawat on 31st December 2019. He is the 28th chief of army staff. He is known in military circles as the 'quintessential Army man.' He was also part of Indian Peace Keeping Force in Srilanka during the civil war. 

4. The New Chief of Defence Staff

Former Army chief Bipin Rawat ( now the chief of Defence Staff) was also present on the occasion. He is the first person to take the salute with two different designations. He is a four-star general and was awarded the 'sword of honour' in 1978 from the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. Air chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria, Navy Chief Admiral Karambir Singh were also present on the occasion.

5. The Bravehearts 

15  soldiers were decorated with gallantry awards and 18 battalions got unit citations. Army Chief Naravane honoured the award winners. Sena Medal can be given to soldiers belonging to all ranks. Paramveer Chakra ( Wheel of the Ultimate Brave ) is given to those who display distinguished acts of valour during wartime. The recipients of Paramveer Chakra and Ashok Chakra also participate in the Army Day parade every year.

6. The Military Might at show

The Military Hardware and a combat display are always part of the parade. The military hardware which was displayed in the parade included infantry combat vehicle BMP-2K, K9 Vajra T-artillery guns, locally built Dhanush towed guns, T-90 main battle tanks and the short span bridging system. 

7. The new theme

Every year, Army Day assumes a new theme and this year also had an innovative theme. This year's celebration was based on 'Digital Transformation of Defence.'

The Indian Army is not just a unit to ensure safety of the citizens of India and the land of India but a beacon of pride , discipline and honour that keeps alive the true spirit of being Indian.

- Maryam Salim

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