7 Myths about Feminism

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Often you see signs of mockery in the face of others when they hear this word. Feminists had always been and continues to be the object of hex. Why? Feminism in plain terms is the advocacy of equal rights for women. But is condemned by many due to the stemming of many myths and rumours. This comes as a result of ignorance. And ignorance is not a silly thing. It is obviously a defect that damages the human engine consuming a major portion of its conscience.

1. Feminism Is Propounded Only by Women

If you stand for equality, then you are a feminist, Actor Emma Watson said. 9 out of 10 believe that feminist ideals are something upheld only by women. It comes as shocking news to the ignorant ones that feminists can be men also. It is not a term exclusively designed for women. Canadian Actor Ryan Gosling, American actors Aziz Ismail Ansari and Matt McGorry are some names who associate strongly with feminism.

Men being feminists are branded as 'bad' mainly because people do not have the least idea of what feminism is. What happens when one side of the boat is heavy while the other side is light. There is every chance of sinking. Don't you understand the meaning? This is what exactly feminism tries to propose.

 2. Feminists Hate Men

Feminism is in no way is intended to subjugate men. It does not suppress the powers and privileges that men relish. This is simply a rumour that feminism rebukes men and brand them as enemies to women. It is an attempt to gain legal, economic, social, political and gender equality at all levels. Men are not held accountable for all the miseries that step into the life of women. Society has a penchant for worshipping all that is 'masculine' and just brush past all that is 'feminine.' It is a campaign or a revolt or a kind of resistance against societal manners, age-old traditions and stereotypes nurtured and treasured with care by the society.

3. Feminists Are Against the Institution of Marriage

 It is not that feminists do not support the idea of marriage, rather, the voice against the inequality and sacrifices that only women are entitled to endure within the marriage bond. If the husband and wife share equal responsibilities and have the right to decision making in all spheres of life, it is wholly welcome by all. Society can accept a 24-year-old woman with 2 kids, but cannot bear to see her unmarried and pursuing her passions. The same doesn't apply for men. This is totally unfair and unjustifiable. 

 4. Feminism Dissipates False Ideas

It is commonly argued that feminism perpetuates fake ideas that saying that all women in the society are treated unequally. Also, feminism does not condemn the accomplishments or skills of men. Any kind of success coming from men or women should be equally appreciated. Feminism seeks to liberate women who are denied the rights that men enjoy without question.

5. Men Are Physically Superior

Feminists do not hesitate to acknowledge that. It is a biological fact .Physical superiority is not the license to bury the rights of women. It does not validate the traditional belief that men are dominant while women are suppressive. I have often had the ill fate of witnessing women and men who in order to win the argument go babbling about how women only can endure the pains of childbirth and challenges men if they can do the same. Speeches about the menstrual cycle also are not uncommon. These are the most stupid arguments I have ever heard. 
Women can endure labour pains and period cramps because it is how their body is conditioned. Men cannot be put to challenge on the grounds of these arguments. Comparison in terms of the physical configuration of human beings to oppose feminism is a sheer absurdity. While saying that women should be made stronger, it is not about building a six-pack figure but about strengthening their minds and spirits.

6. Feminism Is in the Attire Itself

Upon hearing the word feminist, an image of young women dressed in palazzo pants and crochet tops, long earrings and cosmetics, carrying sling bags and framed glasses rushes to the mind of some if not all. This image is etched in our minds and it is nothing but the influence and enormous power of visual media. Feminism should not stem from considerations of being elite or privileged.

. Whenever we see a woman clad in western attire we unconsciously take them to be feminists. A feminist can be in a plain saree too. They can be in any attire. After all, they are not fashion tycoons. Let women wear the outfit they feel most comfortable in and not the outfit that gives comfort to society.

7. Feminists Are Lesbians ( Not True!)

This is the funniest of all. What has feminism got to do with sexual orientation? One doesn't have to be a lesbian to be feminist. Feminists can be lesbians, gays, bisexuals, heterosexuals etc: Any human being can be a feminist.

- Written by Maryam Salim

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