5 Most Awaited Books of 2020

It's time to build up your library with new arrivals. 2020 expects a tornado of books belonging to almost all genres ranging from romance to tragedy and adventure to mystery.

When do you feel drawn towards a book? Is it when you flip through the pages and suddenly a sentence or a small phrase catches your eye? This might have been experienced by many. But when you feel like flipping through the pages of a book when you are fishing the library at random. Definitely, the title and the cover page are important factors that appeal to anyone rummaging the bookshelves.

Here is a list of five absolutely wonderful books that have extraordinary and intriguing titles and cover pages.


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Karen M.Mc Manus's ONE OF US IS NEXT is the most awaited one especially for young mystery lovers. The book is a sequel to ONE OF US IS LYING. The story is woven around the character Simon's death. In the wake of his death, the students are pushed into unending troubles. The narration is multi-perspective to display the viewpoints of all the four student suspects. The book is expected to be released on January 7.


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Mary Kubica's THE OTHER MRS. arriving on February 18 is a psychological thriller. Sadie and Will relocate to a coastal town area. To their misfortune, their neighbour dies the same day and the eyes of suspicion haunt them. The story unfolds bit by bit as Sadie nears the dangerous truth.


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All must have heard of Hilary Boyd's A PERFECT HUSBAND. Here's another one by Karma Brown, which we could take to be a female counterpart to it. There might not be the least relation between the two books. However, the titles are a perfect match for the other. Karma Brown, an award-winning journalist and the bestselling author of COME AWAY WITH ME & THE CHOICES WE MAKE is all set to release her next book RECIPE FOR A PERFECT WIFE. I know this one sounds delicious. A wife happens to read the hidden notes of another wife and it prompts her to question her own relationship with her husband. The plot is woven around this hidden treasure like notes. The book would be released on January 21.

Now let me introduce two books that can take you to the past. Let us travel back in time. For all those who are obsessed with history, these are targeted at you.


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Hilary Mantels Wolf Hall's trilogy is coming to a close with the publication of THE MIRROR AND THE LIGHT on March 10. WOLF HALL appeared in 2009. This was followed by BRING UP THE BODIES in 2012. The books chronicle the meteoric rise of Thomas Cromwell, one of the strongest proponents of English Reformation who served in the court of Henry VIII through to the death of Sir Thomas More (author of Utopia). A pre-hand knowledge of English history is required for an in-depth understanding of the book. Winner of both The Man Booker Prize and The National Book Critics Circle Award, it was one of 'The 10 best historical novels (Observer). THE MIRROR AND THE LIGHT would cover the last four years of Cromwell's life.


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Here is something that shows an excellent amalgamation of mystery, romance and drama. One who is a fan of either one of the above-mentioned genres can go for this book. Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig and Karen White have teamed up for the historical fiction ALL THE WAYS WE SAID GOODBYE releasing on January 4. The book takes you back to 1914 where you come across the stories of three women: a widow, a resistance fighter and an heiress whose lives are connected by the trauma of war.

Read, read and read.

Let your mind house lots of books and stories. Someday you can amaze the world with your own library( the one in your head and home).

- Written by Maryam Salim

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