The 71st Republic Day of India

Republic Day is one of the happiest days for most of us. Mainly because we get a day off and we spend half of the day sleeping and relaxing. While it is cool to do so, it is necessary that as the citizens of India, we  have a look into the daredevil acts, main attractions and the newness of the Republic Day celebrations. Here is a glimpse of the events

Republic Day, 2020

India has witnessed its 71st Republic Day on Sunday. It was on 26th January 1950 that the Constitution of India came into force, that is three years after we got independence from British rule. This year’s Republic Day celebrations stand unique from the previous years in numerous ways. There might be none who does not google at least once a day.  All must have seen this year's doodle illustrated by Meroo Seth, a Singapore artist guest artist. What does it signify? The rich multi-coloured illustration showcases the richness of the nation and its cultural heritage poignantly with its various art forms, dance, textiles, flora and fauna giving a picture of harmony and togetherness. 

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The celebrations were indeed equally colourful, momentous and breathtaking. Raj path in New Delhi witnessed the marvellous Republic Day parade that displayed the military might and cultural diversity. All the events garnered much praise from the dignitaries and viewers gathered on the venue. The Indian Navy, The Indian Air force, The Ministry of Defence along with National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme, Central Armed Police Forces, Delhi Police etc: illuminated the parade showing their excellence and power. Every second of the ninety minute long Republic Day parade left the audience spellbound.

Highlights of the parade 

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Earlier it was president Ramnath Kovind who unfurled the tricolour, but this year the privilege went to the chief guest Jair Messias Bolsonaro, the President of Brazil. The unfurling of the flag was followed by national anthem and a 21- gun salute. President Ramnath Kovind in his speech stressed the importance of non-violence and asked the youth to follow the same. 

This year’s Republic Day was led by Lieutenant General Asit Mistry, General Officer Commanding ( GOC ).

The marching contingent of the corps of signal was led by Tanya Shergil, a fourth generation Army Officer,  one who enthralled us on Army Day celebrations =72nd Indian Army Day motto of the corps was ‘ Theevra Chaukas.’

Theme of the tableau of different states

1. Kashmir:  Back to Village
2. Himachal Pradesh: Kulu Dussehra festival
3. Madhya Pradesh: Tribal Museum of State
4. Assam: Bamboo and cane crafts
5. Telengana: Bathukamma ( a floral festival of the state )
Other states like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha also mesmerised the viewers with their enchanting tableaus .

Some ‘firsts’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid homage to martrys at the National War Memorial instead of Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate. 

The chief of Defence Staff Gen. Bipin Rawat was present on the event. 

For the first time in Indian History, the ‘Dhanush’ gun system was a part of the parade. It was designed by the Ordnance Factory Board. 

The Defence Reasearch and Developmemt Organisation ( DRDO ) was represented by an Anti Satellite ( ASAT ) tableau. 

‘Vic’ formation of heavy lift helicopters Chinook and Apache also made their debut in the grand military parade.

Some breathtaking feats


The presence and excellence of women in the events indicate that after 71 years of Republic, things has changed a lot and women equally share the responsibilities towards the nation not by just fighting from inside of their homes. The Army Day of 2020 bear testimony to the thought.

The CRPF Manila Bike Team was led by Inspector Seema Nag who saluted while balancing herself on the top of a motorcycle. Head Constable Meena Chaudary displayed the ready position to fire two pistols in both her hands.

21 women on five motorcycles made a human pyramid. This daring formation was led by Asst. Sub Inspector Sujata Goswami. The ‘beam roll’ formation was led by Asha Kumari.

For the first time, India saw the ‘Tri-service’ formation which again left the viewers amazed. The Thrisul formation was made by three Advanced Light Helicopters. The formation was led by Group Captain Nishit Ohri. 

The Republic Day is also a commemoration of the great warriors and leaders of India for their year's long struggle as a result of which we enjoy freedom today. The parade and the celebrations India witnessed today signifies the technological advancement, courage, vigour and intelligence that Indians have reaped in the past few years.

- Maryam Salim

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