Student Leader Interview – Anusha Das from Ramjas College, University of Delhi

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1) Tell us more about your role and responsibilities in your society?

Being the President of Backbeat, the music society of Ramjas College, is a very challenging but fulfilling role. My responsibilities are diverse but essentially to create an environment where individual members of our society can explore their interest as musicians and realize their potential. My principle task is to manage and coordinate our efforts. Beyond that, my imagination of a music society has been where a bunch of us come together from diverse backgrounds to make music, but I’m also committed to creating a safe space where we bounce off of each other and always have each other’s back.

2) If you had not been the President of your society, how would life have been different for you?

If I weren’t the president, I wouldn’t have to deal with the constant pressure of representing the society, being held accountable for our successes and failures and managing close to fifty people.

3) As the President of your college society, what challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

There are challenges every other day but my goal in the beginning of my term was to build an Acapella group. It certainly wasn’t easy, we combed through over 100 entries and we now have an Acapella group that is 22 members strong and I would like to think we have made our presence felt in the circuit.

4) Do you feel that the current role at your society will be one of your stepping stones towards success in life?

Being at the helm of a society as big as this one has taught me a thing or two about what it takes to be a leader. I think it’s very important to be communicative, approachable and build healthy relationships with the people you’re working with.

5) Do you think parents’ support plays a role in deciding whether a student has an active extra-curricular life or not? What is your message to all the parents?

Ultimately it should be up to students to determine how involved they want to be in extra-curricular. Different things work for different people. However, having your parents on your side definitely makes it easier to manage the multiple pressures of an active college life. My message to parents would be, treat your children like the adults they are and support them in their decisions. Extra-curricular are an essential part of exploring and coming into your own identity at this crucial juncture of life.

6? What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

Internships and conferences are a great way to gain additional skills and experience. Use them to explore what different fields you’re interested in and don’t get too bogged down with gaining brownie points for your CV. 

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