Student Leader Interview - Kashish from Indraprastha College

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1) Tell us more about your role & responsibilities at your college.

My college started off really boring. I have always been a student who looks beyond academics. I wanted to college to be more inclusive for my personal growth. And one of the many perks of Delhi University is that they shape you, and modify you into a different and a better person. I took baby steps, I won the Delhi University Miss Fresher contest, I became the CR of my class, joined a society and I was one of the candidates standing in elections and now I am the Cultural secretary of my Fraternity.

My college life started to be more interesting. Leading the cultural activities of college is no joke but the amount of exposure it gives you is what makes it worth it.  There are responsibilities towards my college and myself and keeping a balance between them is a challenge. My role is to improve myself and others around me. It’s to notice the changes and to keep growing. We all face challenges, but what’s most important is how well we take them and what we learn out of it.

2) What's it like to juggle between a leadership role and normal college life?

 I think it’s all about maintaining an equilibrium level. And it’s not just about being in a posting of authority, these are the situations we will have to face eventually. There are times when I have to be there as a normal student with friends and enjoy the event while on the other hand, I have to be with my union because that’s the event I helped plan. But these problems help me learn how to prioritise. It helps to focus on what is more important. Every relationship requires a certain amount of quality time and I am glad that there have been times when I could enjoy my college without looking over my shoulder.

3) Do you enjoy the kind of influence you hold at such a young age?

Absolutely. Everyone focuses on their personal growth and experience. Platforms like these provide us with an opportunity to explore ourselves. And influencing others is the outcome of it. I’m more than happy to be able to balance my academics, relationships and work. I have enjoyed every single bit of it, the good and the bad. Being in a position of authority gives me perspective and a purpose to look beyond things.

4) Do you have a message for parents to allow their kids to do things besides academics?

Despite the tons of counselling, there are still parents who believe academic is the core of our lifestyle. And I don’t blame them. They have been taught this way. But the problem is, their kids haven’t been raised in their generation. Their kids are a part of our generation and today, students require the application of knowledge, and that is what makes a difference. So if you’re reading this and if you are a parent believing academics is the key to everything, it isn’t. Let your kids be vocal, creative, and exceptional. Let them learn to express themselves through art or sports. Because if it was only academics then I guess there would be no Sachin and no Dhoni; imagine cricket without them;).

5) What did you do in your current role that makes you feel really proud of yourself?

Every day has proud moments. Because every day is a new day and I know I have grown into a better version of myself than yesterday. I will not make the same mistakes rather make new mistakes and I will learn from them. There is no current role for those who believe in themselves. The role you play today is the role you’ll play tomorrow, just with a different purpose. And that role is, being true to yourself and a promise to keep yourself growing.

6) What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

We all are going to graduate, with the same degree. Then how do we differentiate ourselves from others? How do we prove that we are better than the others? The answer to that is to update your CV. Apart from your co-curricular and inter-college compétition, the one thing that really boosts your CV is an internship. The amount of opportunities that we are being provided now is commendable and I personally feel, one should grab it. The career guidance and placement cell in our college has helped me choose the right internship for me. Attending workshops and seminars add to the clarity of mind which helps me choose what is best and suitable for me. With just a little effort, you can too boost your CV, and anyways, who likes learning within the walls of an institute?
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