10 Ways in Which Technology Can Destroy Your Life

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With technology governing the world and its inhabitants, it has become the part and parcel of all human survival itself. Who would want to live without technology today?
 Let us see how it has consumed a fairly good portion of our lives and ruin us.

Mother nature recedes like a mirage 
Fresh air with a single tap on the switch, weight loss by working out for one or more hours in the gym and even we have remote control gates that keep us confined in the comfort of our homes. Some people walk out of their homes once in a Blue Moon. Hardly we push ourselves to taste the pleasures of nature. 
On the other hand, with the impact of technological advances, the image of nature itself is in the process of restructuring. An epidemic like Covid – 19 haunt us only as a result of our treatment of nature. 

The decay of interpersonal relationships
With high-quality mobile phones gleaming with updates and notifications, we often forget our beloved ones. It is a common practice to see siblings messaging each other who happens to be sitting on the different floors of the same house. 
This practice seems like fun but in no time turn out to be the best way of communicating between the inmates of the same house. There would less or no healthy contact between the inmates of the house. It is feared that even people might forget their mother tongue if this persists.

The blasting of bottled up emotions
Can ask a robot to love you? Absolutely no. Think about one who has only got the company of an electronic gadget like computer of mobile phone. What happens if the gadget shows some technical failure? The person gets frustrated. This frustration manifests in the form of anger and sudden lashing out to the other members of the home. This mainly happens if one is not used to communicating with other persons. Also there would be a lack of emotions like love and affection if the ones close company is merely a machine. 

Sleep disorders
Suppose we were disturbed in our sleep by some dream or any other distractions. The one thing we look for immediately we wake up will be our mobile phones. We check for messages or notifications and maybe spend the rest of the night surfing the internet. Also the first thing we do after getting up in the morning would also make not much difference.

Innovations in the field of learning 
Online classes and learning methods deprive children of the pleasures of classroom fun and activities. Smart classes make the classroom procedures easier but then it lacks the bonding between teachers and the students. 

Face to face interaction is getting complex
With the advent of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts, Instagram etc people are used to conversing only through this medium. Emotions are partly conveyed through the use of emoticons.
This virtual interaction cultivates an innate fear in human beings when it comes to a face to face interaction. One is perplexed as to what they should speak to each other. After exchanging a couple of words their heads lower and go back to the mobile screens. 

The trend that technology infuses in the gatherings

These days teenage gatherings have also undergone a revolution. All they care is about perfecting their selfies to be posted in the social media and the captions they have to give. 

Harvesting inferiority complex 

Every day you watch millions of models and celebrities who try to conceal their flaws. You also try to imitate them and in the process discard your true self. Failure to look alike them might lead to an inferiority complex making yourselves feel that you are worse than others. 

Aversion to socialize

Having once tasted the sweetness of the internet facilities, we isolate ourselves from others. We tend to skip all the parties and functions and prefer to stay home with your devices. You are yourself paving the way for alienation from society. 

You shop online, order your favourite cuisine online, play online, work online, study online. In other words, you live online and forget the outside world altogether. 

Your life becomes an open book

All the moments of your life are put into a display with the aid of technology. The boundary between public and private life starts diminishing. It is advisable to share your life experiences with others to some extent. But when it exceeds the limit, you become vulnerable to teasing, bullying and criticising. To put it simple, you become a spot of ridicule and mockery. 


Technology is intended for the purpose of easily living and to save your time. But not all have acquainted themselves with the catalogue of technology. Not all know how to use to it judiciously. They just drown themselves in the ecstasy of technological advances without knowing that it is a slow poison that takes the essence of your life wholly but slowly.       

Written by: Maryam Salim
Edited by: Nidhi


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