6 Reasons Why Doing Things You Don’t Like Can Change Your Life

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Goals can largely vary for an individual. You aim for getting good grades, you aim for following a fitness routine, a healthy diet, you aim to get in a reputed firm, college, school, and whatnot. The list can be as long as you would think. Each day, we add new goals to our list. 

Anything you wish to accomplish requires some basic rules to be followed by you because there is something common in every goal you will ever want to achieve. One step at a time, and boom! Life changes for better, just like you expected.

What are these common things? To achieve all your goals, you work hard, you go against yourself, you push yourself, you get out of your comfort zone, you learn patience, acceptance, you build faith in yourself, in your actions, you show courage and determination, you restrict yourself. 

When you do things you love, you’ve already neglected most of these things. When a person who loves music, sets his goal to record a video, he loves it, he wants to do it. He will learn qualities like patience, hard work if he lacks in it. But doing things you don’t like can make you much, much more than that.
The qualities that you learn by doing things you don’t like can make your life unimaginably in your control.

1. They make you more Realistic
Lucky are those who get their dream jobs. Others work for experience and money, isn’t it? They work somewhere they don’t want to. In the long run, yes, nobody should be doing what they don’t like. But while doing something so, one must take it positively. 
They give out the idea of an ideal world, some fantasy that life is free of discomfort, confusion, embarrassment, imperfection. That’s not reality. They learn to just embrace reality. They learn that this is just a task, nothing else. They learn to adjust themselves for much bigger goals.

2. They bring you more close to what you like
Once you start doing things you don’t like, you start admiring your passion more.  You take out time to do them. You realize, there is always time for the thing you love and thus, twenty-four hours look much more than what they were portrayed earlier.

3. They make you Adaptable to Contingencies
Contingencies are unexpected situations one might land on. When you’ve already fought a lion, fighting a rat seems a one-second game, isn’t it? They give you experience to go against yourself which is quite important because everything in this universe runs towards stability, towards comfort, towards rest. But achieving goals wants you to make that zone much bigger.
Doing something you don’t like prepares you for the worse. It is a good thing, right?

4. You avoid ending up wondering ‘What if’
‘Regret is a form of punishment itself.’
You may end up thinking about what it would be like to do the things you left just because you don’t like them. But once you do things that you don’t like you can avoid such thoughts, which is a major relief for overthinkers.

5. You may get to know your hidden Talents
You get to know more things you never knew before, that you have an interest in. As it is said, you have to enter into a task to know if you are meant for it or not. Maybe you were not liking something because you’ve heard so many negative reviews about it. 
Maybe, it wasn’t that bad?

6. They can show you a Way
“I don’t want to do this! I want freedom!” Having unlimited freedom means unlimited choices, unlimited distractions, and nothing gets done. Things you don’t like may simplify your path by putting restraints on you.
Imagine yourself without the internet for one day, or let us keep it less frustrating, a few hours. You will not like it, will you? You know it distracts you, it takes away your patience. But you will ultimately switch to something productive. You may not like what you are doing, but as said earlier, it may be what you are good at and that you never knew.

Yes. It is true. Do something you like. But don’t take something you don’t like so negatively that you end up doing nothing. For it is often said, ‘One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.’

Written By: Rashi Jain
Edited By: Harshit Agarwal

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