Book Review: “Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel.”

Hello, strangers, I hope you all are in pink of your health and doing well. If not, don’t worry, this book and this article would really help you a lot. 

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Author - Ashish Bagrecha 
Book Name - Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel  
Category - Self Love 
Language - English

After reading this book, I was very impressed by the author and his words of expression. I am sure if you love reading self-love books you will for sure admire this book. The author has written letters and poems in such a way that they will heal your pain. This book consists of 30 letters which are probably a journey to hope and healing. 

About The Author 

Ashish Bhagrecha is a famous poet on Instagram. He started writing stranger letters and poems when he was in high school, with a dream to become an author someday. 

In 2018, while fighting depression and anxiety he decided to post poems and “dear strangers” letters. He is a strong believer in the universe and its magic. 
You can visit him on Instagram @ashish.bagrecha. 

About The Book 

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Though there is an old saying never judge a book by its cover, the cover of this book has a bird tied with ropes which implies the life hurdles.

The chapter starts with a meaningful poem and quotes which will force you every time to read further. It is written in such a way that personal touch could be felt though you don’t know the author. After every chapter, you will feel that you crossed that stage of life moved on. The positive, sensational, and personal touch in every word will make you emotional at times but, for sure will make you stronger and stronger. 

The chapters are very practical and heart touching. This book not only heals you but also tells you that sometimes you will have to go through certain unwanted situations which could be worse but, you don’t need to give up rather fight back and move on. The content of the book will make you read the book no matter what. Letters in this book are worth reading and are just 2-3 pages long. 

If you think you are alone and there is no one to hear you, you can surely talk to this book, you will get all your answers in it. Believe me, there are a lot of self-help books but the chapters aren’t so practical, the matter of this book is far better and different from others. No other book could give you such appreciation and well wishes. The way the author is talking and making an imaginary appearance of himself being around you is the best part of this book. Every negative thought and action is changed into a positive one.

One of the examples is:

“You are not the sum
of all failures,
you are the multiplication
of every time you tried.”

Such small sayings could make your day. Every single chapter has its own values and learnings. Author requests to read one chapter each day so that in a month you can live a new life with positivity all around you. 

After reading this book, I felt like the bubble of all negative energy has been burst and now I am free to fly. I recommend this book to you if you need self-love and self-development. If you think you are giving up you must go through this once and then you will see the change. 

You can easily order it on Amazon and Flipkart.

Written By: Amrita Mansharamani Edited By: Harshit Agarwal

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Book Review: “Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel.” Book Review: “Dear Stranger, I Know How You Feel.” Reviewed by EMN on March 09, 2020 Rating: 5

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