How Cinema Is Affecting the Youth

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Cinema - this is not just a six-letter word but a mini world full of emotions, feelings and expressions. Whenever we start walking the path of depression, Aamir Khan’s all is well dialogue helps to look world from an optimistic point. Munna Bhai’s jaddu Ki jhappii really works sometimes and yes, the deadly trio of Hera pheri can even make a dead body laugh. 
How can this cinema not affect our life ? In reality this has become the greatest influencer of life, but this was one side of the story. 
The other part of cinema see’s women’s objectification in item songs like pani mei jaake namkeen hogyi hai and these types of songs surely are one of the reasons for heinous crimes like rape, molestation etc. So, the circle is still incomplete. 

Is Cinema good or bad? 
This question still remains unanswered and it is one of the most confusing question just like the question “What comes first? Egg or Hen? Neither we will be able to figure out whether hen came first or egg. Nor we can choose whether cinema is good or bad. 

Perception Matters
Thousands of people watch the same movie but each one of them has different perception about it. Some found it inspirational, some illogical, some patriotic. Making our question more confusing!!
In today’s time everyone knows what’s right and what’s wrong what is to be seen and what is to be accepted, but still those 180 minutes leave 3% impression in our mind and this 3% impression tool should be used to motivate and inspire the youth in a positive way. 
Cinema in today’s time has become that asset if used wisely can give returns for more than one accounting period. Using this to ignite the feeling of patriotism, optimism in youth may not always help in crashing the box office but surely will be a big contribution to nation building as whatever and however we perceive those three hours, the fact remains that we do take something from cinema - hall back to our home. And if that baggage contains something useful then surely cinema can change this youth. 

Fan Following
People blindly follow the icons of cinema. Whether right or wrong, they just follow them blindly and consider them as their idols. The activity that these people do; not only becomes viral on social media but something that their fans aspire to do. 
Just imagine, if a celebrity gives a challenge to their fans to plan maximum number of trees to become fan number 1, then how beneficial this will be. When the citizens of India can do the ice bucket challenge to follow the footsteps of their idol then planting saplings is a much easier job. 
This is the level of affection; respect and I should say madness that people have for cinema and its representatives. Hence this madness should be exploited for the good of this society. Something that will benefit everyone of us. The impact that cinema has on youth is huge and strong and should be exploited as much as possible.

Written By: Siddhi

Edited By: Pratyay

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