A Tribute to Corona Warriors

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What is help ?? -This four-letter word sum up the entire essence of humanity, in today’s time when the entire world is in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, our doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police, delivery persons, government officials, cleaning staff and many other such warriors each and every day risk their lives to "save" the life of many others, who interestingly are not their children, parents or relatives, just some unknown human beings. Dear readers this is humanity, which has now become the strongest weapon to defeat this pandemic. 

The Hidden Fighters

“We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone"– The Corona warriors are leaving no stone unturned in their battle against this deadly virus, but as we know that behind every great victory there is strong support from behind, just like the Pandavas had Shri Krishna, similarly behind these warriors is there brave families, who each day gathers the courage to see their loved ones going in the well of death. Children who can’t even spell corona properly never realize that this could make them orphan anytime, the sister who waits for the entire year to tie rakhi to his brother’s that sister see her brother playing with death, the mother who had kept his child in the womb for 9 months and nurtured him for her entire life, that mother every day see her children threatening their life, but this fear doesn’t let the mother, children or the sister become a hurdle in the path of the warriors instead they become their guiding force and, encourage the warriors to fight this battle till their last breath because they know the best way to find oneself to lose oneself in the service of others.

Question Yourself

This world is made up of many different types of people. On one side we have our corona warriors who truly define humanity whereas on the other hand there are people who by their shameless acts like throwing stones on medical staff make it difficult to keep faith in the power that humanity beholds.  

A very basic yet a crucial question to all the readers reading this article - when these warriors without any hesitation, without any second thoughts, can put their lives at risk for the sake of mankind – Why do we shy before applauding them, Why do we run away from the sweepers, Why do we hesitate to offer a glass of water to the delivery person, Why do we shut the door on the face of the medical staff. Is this what they deserve in return for their sacrifices, "Surely NO", they deserve all our prayers, good wishes, and most importantly respect. 
So dear readers, next time when you crossroads with a corona warrior, applaud him/her, give him/her a salute and cheer loudly – WE ARE WITH YOU.

The Light in the Darkness

We have heard many stories about the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters and politicians, now let us learn about the sacrifices made by these corona warriors.

Sugandha is a nurse who works at a Covid-19 dedicated hospital in Karnataka's Belgaum, these healthcare workers are not allowed to visit their homes so that they do not carry the disease back to their families. But how can one explain this to Sugandha’s 4-year-old daughter who just wanted to sleep in her mother’s arms, but Sugandha was helpless, she could see her daughter crying for her, but she was bounded by national duties. 

There are many people who believe that it is just for the sake of “money”  these warriors are risking their lives,  for them Shiji’s story is perfect to shut their mouths. Shiji is just 22 years old and is currently working as an intern at COVID-19 affected hospital and does not get any salary or any other allowance from the hospital. Shiji is an inspiration for the youth of this nation who are busy wasting their time behind PUBG and Netflix. 

Captain Swati Rawal was the commander of Air India 777 which flew to Rome to rescue the Indians stranded in the Italian capital. The mission withdrew 263 Indians from Italy, Swati is truly a fighter and the entire nation is proud of her.
 Rightly said, there is no age and religion barrier to help anyone, Sixty-year-old Abdul Khader is a retired telephone operator. He is spending around Rs 8,000 every day to provide food, a shelter for 131 migrant workers stuck in Kerala. It is because of people like Abdul Khader that it makes us believe that there is no religion bigger than the religion of humanity. These stories are endless because the contribution of these warriors is immense. 

Through this article, I express my heartfelt gratitude towards all those people who are helping us fight this deadly disease
A salute to you all - JAI HIND

Written By - Siddhi Khandelwal
Edited By - Amrita Mansharamani 

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