How Coronavirus Paved Way for the New Startups?

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Those who are melting away, most of the gold now, are the new startups and business plans which have been emerged during the Coronavirus pandemic. For a worst situation like this, only those who are supplying essential commodities or helping in some way in health sector and in consumption or just basically doing something for the welfare of people are to be seen running much further and faster in this business marathon.

We all have noticed that even before or after this situation happened, there has always been a cat race among various Startups and business organisations. Every year a number of new ideas come forward and various entrepreneurs struggle for their idea to work in the complex market, however only few sustain.

A Hope of Ray Paved by New Start-Ups:

There are a lot of new startups which are booming in this competition of ideas. The Coronavirus situation is a kind of a booster for these companies and they are making the most of it by channeling the resources available to the people.

One such example beautifully explained is of a Cologne based company UVIS (UV- Innovative solutions). The founders are Katherina Obladen and Tanja Nickel. The objective of the company is to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses by using ultraviolet light rather than chemicals and so it designed a lightbox to do just that. Escalators which are used by a million of people daily everyday are the hub of such germs.  Obladen says that it isn't certain what effect UV rays will have against Covid-19 but in general it is very effective.

Another one is a brilliant idea by IIT KGP alumni, Debayan Saha who unveils the technology to fight against the virus. We know that alcohols are known to deactivate viruses by making their protein coating inactive. But it is practically impossible to cover the larger spaces or to cover a huge area. He has designed a device to look like a 'Robo Sapien' (human-like) machine that operates on the mechanism of charged water droplets which are ionised "using corona discharge". The ionised water in turn oxidises the viral protein reducing it to a non-harmful molecule.

There is ARONE which is a drone based medical supplies delivery and Nigerian company. It provides an eco-friendly delivery solution using autonomous drones. The startup offers aerial logistics services for clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and other medical distribution centers to provide faster delivery of vital medical products, on-demand. An autonomous flight navigation software uses computer vision and artificial intelligence for flight planning, obstacle manoeuvering and detecting when a parcel is delivered.

The widespread panic has put the health facilities in India and around the world under stress. This has led to a shortage of protective gear, including face masks. To address the shortage, Delhi based Health startup, Nanoclean Global Private Limited has increased the production of Naso mask – an N95/FFP2 grade face mask.

The other startups which are winners are in the area of digital healthcare. This is a moment for doctor apps to shine. E-commerce is also escalating at the moment. The apps providing the accurate tracking of quarantined patients are also meeting their luck to get benefited.

Already Established Companies:

Both small scale and large scale companies are hurdling to exist now and planning financially to survive against the recession. The economy is surely supposed to take a steep turn downwards and hence everything will crash with it. Banks have already banned themselves from providing loan to any company. Because now everyone is trying their best to just stay.

A lot of well established organisations are offering free samples or their products on a huge discount. They are trying to lure their audience to fall in as there is hardly any financial exchange taking place.

Harvard university and online education material-providing companies such as Coursera, Udemy etc. are offering top free courses to the users. It can be a great benefit to those who didn't have access to it earlier due to financial reasons. There is Shakespeare Globe channel on YouTube screening popular plays written by William Shakespeare which were earlier costed but now are completely free. Hyundai Motor India has tied up with Air Liquide Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd., manufacturer of ICU ventilators, to augment the supply and production of ventilators in Tamil Nadu and nearby states.

The Coronavirus challenge demands an organization-wide, honest conversation and  forward-thinking leaders can run better organizations by creating conditions that allow customers to be more helpful. The isolation and mental sadness needs to be actively worked on by encouraging employees to develop a personal regime: Exercise at home, meditate, and make sure you reach out and talk to people, even if that socialization takes place virtually, just to make sure employees are happy, mentally relaxed, and productive to the extent that we can.

Written by - Chhavi Gupta

Edited by - Nidhi Verma

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