Is Work From Home Revolution Here to Stay?

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While we all are locked down at homes amidst the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of things have changed over the last couple of months. Surely, it will be too early to comment on whether those changes are good or not but some things, definitely are! And one of those things is the work from home revolution! 
In tough times like these, when the businesses across countries are facing the brunt of economic slowdown work from home allows the organizations to keep up with those challenges and coordinate as a team from various parts of the world. This assures the proper functioning of the organisation and the safety of the employees too.
Every person, from students to the teachers, from the employees to the authorities, everybody is working online today! Teaching has been made online, virtual meetings are being held and most of the business operations have been made virtual too. What was once believed to be a rare concept, is now everywhere!
The work from home, has now become a revolution!
If you are wondering why is this so exciting for you and how does the work from home revolution really matters, then...
Let me take you through this. Believe me, I have some powerful reasons to tell you how the future is going to change in a better way because of this!

First, you will have an amazing work-life balance!
Imagine having a life where you have a nice job, a disciplined lifestyle with a kind of fixed work routine and that too without stepping away from your family responsibilities at all! There are times when due to work, a lot of us have to compromise with some personal commitments and family responsibilities. 
This doesn't only hamper our attentiveness and effectiveness at work but also affects our personal relationships. Work from home, will definitely save us from this! 

Second, a peaceful state of mind
In today's highly competitive environment, it is obvious to feel frustrated because of the continuous urge to perform better and meet the expectations of every other person connected to you. In a world full of different kinds of people, it is unfair to believe that everyone can cope up with the dynamism in their work-life easily.
Everybody has a different process to deal with things and the inability to do so brings unhappiness. And that disrupts your state of mind! Working from home, ensures a calm wok environment around, an environment that is completely under your control. So, isn't it a great deal!

Third, job satisfaction
What can make you happier than being satisfied with your job! The work and the work environment may not necessarily deliver the same experience to everyone. A survey by TimesJobs reveals that 8 out of every 10 working population are dissatisfied with their jobs.
The major reasons being, tight work schedules, poor work life balance and poor work ethics in the workplace. Working at home allows you to adjust your work hours according to the workload that you have. You will be able to finish the tasks assigned to you without having to worry about the other things!

Fourth, you can focus on having a healthy lifestyle
Often in workplaces, we tend to skip our meals and eat untimely. This may result in our bad health and eventually affect our performance at work too. 
Working at home can enable us to have a healthy lifestyle. It will be more convenient for us to have meals on time. As it is said, "the greatest wealth is health", and being able to take care of it as nicely as your job will definitely keep you cheered up!

Fifth, your productivity will boost!
When you have a happy mind, a healthy body and a perfect environment, there's no doubt in the fact that you will become more productive at work and otherwise as well. A study by Stanford reveals that the employees who work from home are 13% more effective than their in-office counterparts. 
So, simply the change of environment by working at home can make you, your boss's favorite employee!
But as it is said, "There is nothing that exist that has only one side. Even a piece of paper, thin as it is, has two sides", working from home has its own sets of disadvantages too. 
Working from home might take away the opportunity from you to learn from the experienced people working in the same organization. It may also lead to procrastination and laziness for some people. Though the benefits outshine the disadvantages for us, it may not be the case for the employers. 
The disadvantages can be controlled by incorporating certain organization-level changes in the work from home policy. The delay in work can be avoided by introducing deadlines. The involvement of the employee can be assured by conducting timely meetings and collecting the progress reports.
So, there are many ways in which employers can make sure that work from home policy generates better results for them. After all, not having you working in the office helps them in cost cutting too!
So, doesn't this revolution seem to be a happy one for most of us!
The scale on which this work from home revolution is being carried out is commendable. Even though it was started as forced choice, the benefits associated with it and the outcomes, might make it the best choice for a lot of organizations by the end of the pandemic.
Until then… Stay safe and enjoy your work from home!

Written By - N. Nargis Fathima
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