Student Leader Interview - Moksh Thakral from VIPS, GGSIPU

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1. Tell us about your role and responsibilities at your college?

Being the very first batch of the newly formed Economics department, we were a small family of just 100 students. There already existed 6 departments with a well- built legacy. It wasn't easy for a new department to get recognition- we had to earn it. 

With the help of our professors, we built Arthvidya- the Economics society of VIPS.

My role from the beginning was more towards organizing and checking on the technicalities of the events. The first edition of our fest Sankaran, I was the student coordinator. In the very first edition itself, I got the amazing opportunity to create an event from scratch.

Then, I got elected as the President and have been serving since then. This came with both responsibilities and opportunities. Since then, we've hosted conferences with eminent personalities from business and economics sphere. Two economics fests, panel discussions, routine debates and quizzes.

One thing that has been my ultimate duty as a president is to have a clear vision towards what the society represents, guide my team members, identify and encourage their talents.

2. What it’s like to juggle between a leadership role and a normal college life?

The normal in a normal college life is really subjective. If you're in a leadership role your normal isn't something a conventional college going kid might relate to, however, it becomes a part of who you are. It becomes your normal.

The transition is a process that keeps taking place subtly in the background. As and when responsibilities grow, you grow along, without even realizing it. It does take a toll on you though.

On one hand, you are somewhat distanced from the social life, you feel accountable all the time, you feel vulnerable to failures, you feel responsible for the entire team but on the other hand, you get to meet so many people from different backgrounds, different thought processes, you get to learn, you gain experience and all of it makes you realize of the potential you didn't know you treasured.

So, to me, it is a kind of 'normal' which helps you explore yourself more and build something valuable from scratch.

3. What have been some of your biggest challenges and learning’s from what you do?

Like any other student leader I too have an impressive list of challenges I faced but there was one common learning from all- to adapt to the situation and bring out the benefits which the society can reap as a whole.

To give you an insight- sometimes, frequencies of the organizing team and faculty do not match. As the president of the society it is my responsibility to provide a balanced platform on how plans could go forward.

When a whole team of both students and faculty are working tirelessly to add value to the society, I feel it is my duty to make the two ends meet. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But that provides a sense of experience and learning.

Being the President of Arthvidya, where the basic motive is to experiment with the basic concept of economics, it is really important that we don't get too repetitive with our approach. 

One thing which we keep in mind is to not put a bar to what the society can offer. Ideas of all kinds are welcomed and I, especially, feel it is my role to keep encouraging students to bring out innovative ways of putting economics and human behavior to test.

One major challenge which I would like to highlight upon was keeping the team motivated. Students are not rewarded much for organizing events in a way which appeals to them, the hidden benefits of it are not seen by all. 

Obviously no marks are awarded for working for a society, and neither were we provided with attendance as in the case of many other college societies. Few students are willing to join the society and some of them even leave. 

New students are added before every event- as a leader I have to keep them motivated, boost their morale and build up their confidence & loyalty towards the society. This is very essential for ensuring that they feel that it is their own society for which they are working.

4. What are the top skills you’ve learnt with what you do?

Being in the position of a leader persuades you to think like one and be like one, it gets inherited in you. After organizing so many events, skills like effective communication, delegation, management and administration became my key accomplishments. 

Most importantly I learnt multi-tasking and time management which were the necessary tools to manage both my college society and my college life. These skills helped me to make it to the top 10 in the University along with being able to organize successful events.

5. What was your biggest achievement which you’ve got through this responsibility?

Being the first batch of this department, we considered it our responsibility to provide VSE with a society which has a path breaking future, a society which grows as we grow. It was not easy to start from scratch, as guidance from seniors was not available, we struggled to solidify Arthvidya. 

From brainstorming sessions, to discussions with our teachers, from similar ideas to clashes, from just two events in first year to 8 events in second, we have come a long way. 

Today, as a proud president, my biggest achievement is to be fortunate enough to start from scratch and create something this special out of nothing.

6. What’s your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences?

When we enter into college from mundane school life, we experience a new sense of freedom and independence. This is the time where we get to explore all the alternatives we can look forward to. 

But this cannot be done by restraining ourselves to academics. Internships and conferences build our confidence & personality which determine the course of our life.

Almost each & every field has two future paths- research/corporate. It is during the course of our college life that we are able to choose our path. 
Internships & conferences lay what all we can expect in the two career paths. 

After attending various conferences I feel that I'm more inclined towards research. But even if you end up choosing otherwise in future, the experience always comes in handy!

Interview By - Sanya Harjai

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