6 Books Every Indian Marketer Should Read!

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'Marketing' a term which surrounds our lives from every bit and corner. Without it, no business can survive and thrive in this dynamic environment. It is an understanding of the small things that matter the most about the consumers and their mindsets.

While a lot of content is available online about the ambits of marketing, the best thing one can still do is by reading the Books!
The books that give a deeper analysis of one-particular aspects of marketing

These are the top 6 books every Indian Marketer should read!

1. Dreaming with your eyes open

As it is said, "Every Marketeer is a budding entrepreneur!", and if you are one, then this book by Ronnie Screwvala portrays his journey of 2 decades and how he mastered the art of marketing!

The ideas given in the book are creative in nature and ignites the spirit of entrepreneurship!

2. The Indestructible Brand

The book broadly talks about social media marketing and how one can save his brand in times of crisis.

It signifies the importance of 'negative reviews' of the brand's products or services and how they should be carefully dealt with to ensure the brand's image is maintained in the online scenario.

3.Web Analytics 2.0

Fan of digital marketing? Even if you are not then it's high time you start focussing on it as this is going to be the future of marketing.

Written by Avinash Kaushik, award-winning advocate this book delves deep into the importance of data collection and how it can be articulated for the online business growth of a brand.

The book enables you to have a different perspective about analytics.

4. Brainfluence

As the name suggests the book has 2 main aspects to it - Brain & Influence, this book is one of its kind as it focusses majorly on the concepts which people don't talk about in their day to day marketing conversations.

Neuromarketing and Behaviour Research, these are specifically used to target the wider base of customers and to understand how people react to a product or service offered.

5. Marketing: A Love Story

Sounds too cliched? Sounds like some bonds are involved? Then you have guessed the theme of the book right!

Written by Bernadette Jiwa, it talks about building up an emotional connection with your customers so that you don't lose out on them.

This is a really short book of 81 pages, yet equally effective!

6. Positioning: the battle of your mind!

Last but certainly not the least, this book is said to be the best marketing book published ever and a must-read for every marketing professional!

The Authors of this book, Ries and Trout how Indian marketers can plant their brand in a crowded Marketplace and make it a standout

Written By - Harshit Sharma

Edited By - N. Nargis Fathima

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