How Mindfulness Helps in Coping up with The Stress?

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The lockdown situation of more than 60 days now has proved us that we indeed miss our 'busy' lives. And amid all of this, our mental health is getting affected the most. Most of the days are just fine, not too good or too bad.

On a positive note, most of us have outlook Coronavirus lockdown as a change that will bring something good and radiant in our lives. But over the time, we do have realized that we are just stuck. Some say pretend like 2020 never happened. But time is moving as usual and our pace of coping up with it has slowed as much as it could have been.

This period hasn't proved to race with time and bring out productivity but it has degraded our mind to how to not think and worry about future. Hence, we are just breathing and hoping to survive each day up to our best. 

Causes affecting Mental Health

1. Overthinking

When you tend to ponder repeatedly over the same thought again and again, you forget to lose the ability of selecting only valuable thoughts. You put all your thinking in one category and at that time even if you're slightest of sad, all your thoughts fall into pessimism.

2. Irregular Schedule

Sitting idle means as, blanking out the schedule, but shifting your sleeping cycle completely opposite constitutes most of it. Daily habits such as working on ‘time’, taking meals at ‘time’, doing work at ‘time’, if at ‘time’ is not a part of your schedule, it means sheer irregularity.

3. No exercise/Walk/Meditation

No physical exercise results in muscle cramps causing bad body pain. You might think it is due to lack of sleep but avoiding movement can not only make your body stiff but can affect your mental health in unimaginable ways.

 4. Sticking to your Comfort Zone

Sitting at one place for a long time and simultaneously feeling guilty inside, but at the same time experiencing quite helpless kind of situation, can deteriorate mental peace and even cause mild or acute depression.

5. Reading or listening to COVID-19 news continuously

Reading or listening constant Corona-virus related information can cause terrible negativity churning in your mind to and fro. It is the best way to invite unnecessary negative vibes to your mind.

How to feel better mentally?

1. Reflect your thoughts

Make a list of your thoughts which are revolving continuously in your mind. Reflect over if they are worthwhile to overthink about or not. Keep the important ones and ignore the rest.

2. Regularity

Making a schedule and hanging over to the wall in front of you simply won't work. Try to make small sticky notes or list of minimum 5 tasks which you'll try to do each day.

 3. Exercise/Meditate

Gyms are closed, for how long no one knows. But that ain't the excuse. 5 minutes of meditation is also enough to calm your mind. There are apps such as Calm, Headspace etc. Our cities are experiencing the cleanest pollution-free air now, so try to practice breathing exercises as they have a lot of healthy benefits.

4. Mind games

You might be well bored by playing Ludo over and over again. So what are you waiting for, trash it and instead download mind solving and creativity games such as Sudoku, Chess, Scrabble etc. Try out new things and pursue your hobbies. It's an excellent time to nourish your skills.

5. Books and podcasts over Binge watching

Better indulge yourself into books of your favorite genre and there are various podcasts available on Google, Spotify and other apps. The podcast could define some music or a documentary, even daily life lessons. They are amazing when you are feeling lazy to read, you can tap on some podcast and listen and enjoy yourself.

Written by: Chhavi Gupta
How Mindfulness Helps in Coping up with The Stress? How Mindfulness Helps in Coping up with The Stress? Reviewed by Chhavi Gupta on May 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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