Is Academic Excellence the Only Way to Success?

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In this age of cut throat competition, various coaching institutions have been set up to prepare you for the rat race and they are considered a necessity by many. While all this is going, we need to ask ourselves if Academic Excellence is the only 'en route to success'.

Does the percentage on our report card completely control our future? Are our marks and grades in school the most important and the only way to a successful life? Do they determine our success? Sure, higher percentages help students to get into good colleges but do they ascertain a successful career too?
Your guess is as good as mine. 

If you were to ask a middle class Indian mother, more often than not the response would be “Of course, if you don't do well academically, you won't get a decent job which is a prerequisite for a steady source of income.'
In a way, it is true. You do need a job to live a comfortable life. But, is academic success the only way out?

Sports.. you need determination , hard work and passion to success, performing arts.. require talent as a ladder to success. We all know the famous IT companies have been set up by academically average students. Well your favorite entrepreneurs are all college dropouts to start with.

Aamir Khan left school to pursue acting and is now one of the most critically acclaimed actors in the country.

Dhirubhai Ambani,  Michael Clifford, Sachin Tendulkar to name a few, have never been known for the academic orientation.

Let's face it not everyone can score 95 % and surely not everyone can be an IITian. Yet one can be successful by sheer hard work, determination and maybe even some luck. 

The list is endless.

Students are often forced to let go of their dreams because they might not be particularly related to academics, which is a shame.I would hereby, conclude that academics are important but are not the only route to success. Therefore,


I would like to conclude by a small poem.

"… being successful doesn’t mean great in academics
One can be good at anything, be it dance or athletics.

To be successful, you need not to be a topper, 
You just need to follow your dream and be its lover.

Success comes to those who are hardworking and dedicated,
Not necessarily to those who are highly educated......"

Steve jobs is one of them , who loved what he did and didn’t even excel in his first studies but with sheer determination and psychological strength he did it.Creating a company with a turnover of some 700 million only.

So don’t think you can't be successful someday instead start working on what you love from today.

 Written by-Anushree Jain

 Edited by - Suchismita Sinha

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