"It was never my aim in life to become a doctor." - Dr. Arup Ratan Mallick

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

Well, This is Arup Ratan Mallick, without the most valuable prefix 'Dr', a 29 year old young Doctor currently. The journey so far was not smooth at all and since my childhood, it was never my aim in life to become a doctor. Since my childhood I always wanted to join airforce as a Pilot but being the single child of the family, it was kind of unconventional rule to not to join the defense services. 

My schooling was from Saltlake, West Bengal Board. I did complete my Madhyamik from A.P.C. High School for boys in 2007 and then Joined Bidhannagar Govt. High School and completed class 12 from there in 2009. In 2009 I cracked JEE and initially got allotted in Jadavpur University with Power Engineering but just after one week, my destiny send me to Burdwan Medical College to Pursuit MBBS as it was my facther's dream to see his son as a Doctor. And honestly speaking it felt really good to realise that I am going to make my father's dream come true. I completed my internship from Burdwan Medical College in 2015 and was attached with Department of Neurology for one year as Junior Resident.

Later on I came back to Kolkata and join a Critical Care unit of a reputed City Hospital which gave me immense practical experience and confidence. During that period I started preparing for my Post Graduation venture and in 2019, I joined IPGME&R and SSKM Hospital for my post graduation. 

Apart from study and practice, I was always attached with one constant thing, that's Football. Since my college day I used to play football regularly and after returning back to Kolkata ,I try to stay attached with football once a week atleast during my hectic schedule and it gives me immense happiness to stay connected with Kolkata Amateur football circuit.  

2. Despite so much of talent in India, why do people look abroad for treatment?

Well, in this case i would say people of our country has some preoccupied concepts regarding treatment facilities. They love to say 'Mera Bharat Mahan' but will go for treatment to either Singapore or UK or USA who can afford them. Even in Bengal also, people used to think only South India has super facilities of treatment and they used to visit Vellore or Chennai for any sorts of tumour or low back pain, from minor ailments to major life threatening conditions, but they are unfortunately unaware that, from Liver to Heart Transplant, Major Trauma Care facilities, everything is now available in Kolkata as well as different parts of India. And patients from different part of south east Asia and Middle east countries, come here for treatment purposes but unfortunately India couldn't gain the trust of few people who opt the abroad option for their treatment purposes. They have such disbelieve on the doctors of their own country but if they got any Indian doctor at abroad, anywhere, suddenly they became so happy that they reach in cloud 9.  

3. How important is super specialization for doctors?

Regarding super specialisation, i want to say it is definitely needed very much as we have very less number of Specialist doctors in various fields, but 1 must start preparing for this special course when he or she is mentally and physically ready to take the challenges. Post graduation entrance exam is one of the most toughest and competitive exam of the world, and during the preparatory phases it almost kills you mentally and after lots of hard work and sacrifices, one became eligible for specialisation and superspecialisation one by one. 

4. What is your take on virtual methods of providing treatment? 

Regarding virtual method of treatment , its kind of incomplete mode of treatment, because without examining the patients in your own hand you can't prescribe someone any sorts of medication but in extreme situation, extreme measures to be taken. And during this Lockdown period due to COVID19, lots of Doctors are trying their best to provide treatment for minor ailments over the virtual methods so that the patient doesn't need to come out from home during the Pandemic. Well, in case of any sorts of emergency its always advised to attend the Hospital.

5. Which countries are the best for studying medical besides India?

I personally feel England and Ireland is very good for studying medical science, specially for Higher studies.

6. What impact do you want to create in the medical field.

Impact!? Its a very heavy word for me. An impact depends on the collective efforts by the individual. Being a doctor it was my principal always to understand the psychology of the patient, comfort and console him or her by words as well as by medicines. Patients come to you with their problems and they want you to listen them patiently. So I always try to listen their problems first and try to make a rapport with them so that they get convinced by me to take the medicines and follow other advises thoroughly. I want to rebuild the trust bond between the doctors and patients which is lost almost due to several incidents, otherwise the restless conditions will increase day by day, doctors will be afraid to provide their services and normal people will be harassed also while getting the treatment due to few unwanted and unfortunate, brutal incidents. This is the minimum thing I want to be restored again. 

- Dr. Arup Ratan Mallick

Interview By - Abhirup Dey
"It was never my aim in life to become a doctor." - Dr. Arup Ratan Mallick "It was never my aim in life to become a doctor." - Dr. Arup Ratan Mallick Reviewed by Abhirup Dey on May 04, 2020 Rating: 5

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