Student Leader Interview - Fatima Khan from Maitreyi College, University of Delhi

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1. Tell us more about your role and responsibilities at your college?

As the Vice President of Students' Union I have worked for the Welfare of students with the help of other post holders. We together try to resolve the issues of the students of our College. 

We have to work as a link between the students and the administration, making sure that their problems and grievances are properly addressed.

2.What's it like to juggle between a leadership role and normal college life ?

"College itself is a time when you're figuring things out", according to me there is no conflict between both the roles. College is all about exploring yourself to the fullest.  

You get to learn so many life experiences and as students we should always try to take up these roles for our own all round development.

3.What have been some of your biggest challenges and learnings from what you do ?

As Union Member, I had to do various tasks which were full of challenges and on this post I have learned that we cannot keep everyone happy at the same time. This post has taught me to be punctual and responsible towards my job. 

I also learned how to handle any complex situation. It has taught me to never give up and keep trying until you get what you want. We should always be hopeful and optimistic about things, no matter what.

4. Do you enjoy the kind of influence you hold at such a young age?

Of course I do!

I always participated in all the events of the college and and tried to fulfill the responsibilities given to me. I risked  the elections because of my experience which I gained after working in so many events. 

After winning the post I had to work hard to make up to the expectations of the people who chose me. I always try not to disappoint them,  I feel satisfied and happy after doing my work honestly and sincerely.

5. What  are your career goals and how is what you are doing is going to help you with that?

I want to be a judge and this is my childhood dream. I like helping the needy and solving their problems. I want to do justice to those who cannot get it due to poverty and lack of social equality.

The leadership quality I got from this prestigious post will definitely help me to be successful in my life.

6. What did you do in your current role that makes you feel really proud of yourself?

As an post holder I learned a lot about how to organize a successful program and how to be patient and calm in different circumstances, how to find solution to problems. 

I'm proud that I never ran away from the problems. There were times when we really had to struggle to make our event successful but I always tried that I and the rest of our team should not give up and think of ways to get out of these problems by remaining calm.

7. What's your message to encourage students to do internships and attend conferences ?

Until we practically do any work, we can't get proper understanding of it and internships provide the best ways to gain practical knowledge about any field.

Conferences teach us how to make our life and future better and successful, what mistakes are not to be made and also how to learn from our own and others mistakes. 

I want to say to students out there, try to make most of this time and explore new things, don't fear the consequences. It will help you in the long run.

Fatima Khan
Vice President
Maitreyi College

Interview By- Anushree Jain

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