Why Learning English Is So Important and How You Can Learn?

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English  Language Teaching

English language teaching is a process of teaching the English language to all those persons who belong to different first languages. Persons learning English language as their second language are known as English language learners. This happens when a person is immigrated to other country and do not have English as their mother tongue or this happens in a country like India where English is treated as a second language and learners try to adapt this. 

Additionally, the teaching of this language is carried out by making students learn it at primary level in schools and also at the graduate level in colleges. Thus, one could undergo learning of this language across various stages of life.

Need of English Language Teaching

English is often treated as survival language in many countries thus leaving only this way to discontinue the language barrier. Therefore, immersing into situations like this on your own is not apt to receive a reaction. Thus, the teaching of this language is carried across the world to ease communication. Also, this helps in understanding different types of communication that is prevalent in different parts of the world.

Moreover, this is an excellent method of teaching the English language to both native and non-native speakers of English. Similarly, to ensure the proficiency and understanding of the language one must pass oral as well as written evaluation test of this language. 

Earlier, in the 70s and 80s teaching method considered a shift in the process from a project oriented method of teaching to process-oriented method. Similarly, this led to a curriculum-based structure and syllabus that ensure step by step and proper learning of information.

Limitations of English Language Teaching

Furthermore, this has also led to a variation in learning as the English language does not hold any proper standards for learning. Neither does English teachers having specific knowledge are likely to pass on the particular language or the concepts that are globally valid. Similarly, due to no boundaries, it holds constant variations such as short term courses, certified and non-certified courses. 

Similarly, to become an English language teacher, there are no particular norms other than you must be passed from a known University with English as your subject. Thereby, these inconsistencies in rules have created wide gaps in the study of the language which could be seen as different accents, pronunciations and even improper grammar usage.

Techniques For English Language Teaching

Children literature as a part of English language teaching is connected with pronunciations and wordplay often led by poems, rhymes and songs. Moreover, it goes ahead to youth English literature which is growing its popularity by simplification of readings by numerous publishers. Not only this but also various types of learner techniques are used such as the ones in which a teacher would read a certain part of the text, then take a pause to explain certain words and sentences than continue with the following text. 

This is the most basic technique and most used by the teachers. Similarly, the other one includes the complete reading of the text in one go and then later summarising the text. This technique is generally used for very long texts such as novels. In the same way, the text used for the study of English language is the one which is made with a combination of rhymes, poems, essays and plays which give a glimpse and knowledge of all types of writings.

Another technique used for English language teaching is an approach for reading the text aloud to the students. This technique is highly effective for students who are learning English as a foreign language. This helps them to gain knowledge of the language in the reading process. Similarly, with the help of this technique, they learn how to recite the words and pronunciations. Also, it helps to know about word stress and fluency and the method of periods. 

Thereby, when one chooses a text for this purpose it must be chosen keeping in mind that it directly targets the concepts that are needed to help the students which you are targeting. Moreover, it should also provide them with new vocabulary and content.

Their techniques help in achieving various variations in spoken as well as written English. For example, you need to develop a particular tone while talking formally and a casual tone for informal purposes. Thus, the proper understanding of the text is important to pass on the exact same rules that are applicable globally based on pauses, stresses and fluency.

Written by - Srishti Garg

Edited by - Nidhi Verma 

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