A Six-Year-Old Indian Leg Spinner in Cricket's New Playground

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Yes, you read it right. A six-year-old Leg Spinner. His name is Madad Abbas, and he is from Mysore, Karnataka.

It was just like any other Lockdown day. I was casually taking a stroll into my Instagram feed. Suddenly, I came across a small video. A young kid was about to bowl in the nets. The batsman was much older. It seemed to be just another funny home video that might involve a gag or a blooper.

However, I was in for a huge surprise. The young six-year-old kid bowled a beautiful Leg-Spin delivery. The ball spun a mile, completely beat the bat, and made the batsman looked dumbstruck by what he just witnessed.

Upon further exploration, I found the Instagram profile of this six-year-old prodigy. With more than 4200 followers, Madad's profile is flush with small videos of his bowling antics and variations capable of bamboozling even the most capable batsmen.

The young Leg Spinner's journey began when Madad got inspired by watching Rashid Khan (Afghanistan Leg Spinner) in the IPL and started bowling in his backyard with the same action.

From learning the art of Leg Spin from Australian legend, Shane Warne's videos on YouTube, Madad is now being appreciated for his extraordinary talent by the Aussie Legend himself on Twitter.

The heaps of praises don't stop here. Renowned Indian commentator and writer, Aakash Chopra, also gave Madad a special mention in a recent YouTube video.

Besides the mind-boggling talent on display, another thought which intrigued me was the use of social media platforms by young, aspiring athletes to showcase their talent. Owing to the pandemic crisis, the sports industry has come to a complete standstill. The biggest sporting leagues, the biggest sports stadiums, the biggest sporting brands are all on pause.

The biggest casualty in the industry would be the sports academies and the young talent who want to make a name for themselves in their preferred sport. However, with no source of revenue insight in the near future, these are tough times for the entire industry.

When the "new normal" is about social distancing and leveraging the power of video conferencing, Madad Abbas is an excellent case study of the future of scouting upcoming talent in the sports industry.

Instead of dealing with a system that is known to be filled with lacunas and flaws, an aspiring athlete can now leverage social media's power to showcase his or her talent to the whole world.

This new normal may result in talent spurting out of nowhere. Who knows, perhaps the next biggest sporting superstar comes from Instagram or TikTok.

Writer - Snehil

Edited By - Dhiraj Kumar Agrawal