All About A2 Milk

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A2 MILK: What is it about? 

Milk has always been a crucial part of our diet. It contains the crucial proteins and vitamins important for the body. The usual sources of milk we have are goats, cow, camel, etc. and other not so popular sources are soy, almond, coconut, flex, etc. and these now-cow milk sources make up for A2 milk. A2 milk is a type of cow’s milk lacking-casein proteins called A1.

A2 Milk Company brought this milk to the market and it is mostly sold in Australia, New Zealand, China, the US, and the United Kingdom. This basically includes all non-cow milk products, including that of humans, sheep, and goats. A1 and A2 -casein are genetic variants of the -casein milk protein. A genetic test, developed by the a2 Milk Company, determines as to which cow produces A2 or A1 type protein in its milk. This helps them to give a certificate to the cows producing A2 milk.

Importance of A2 milk - 

The basic argument we need to know here is that A2 milk is more healthy than A1 milk as the A1 milk produces casomorphin that is very harmful to the human body it leads to diseases such as heart attack, cancer inflammation and many other diseases that can even cause death.

The supporters of A2 milk argue that A2 milk is more easily digested by the body. This milk has gained more attention during these upcoming years. The protein in any milk is determined by its amount of casein percentage in it. 80% of the protein in milk is due to casein. 

Casein is a family of related phosphor-proteins. These proteins are commonly found in mammalian milk. In humans, 20 percent to 45 percent of casein is found. However, just like whey protein it is slow digesting and has high benefits. It releases amino acids that help in muscle growth as well as protect the body from muscle breakdown. -casein makes up for 30 percent protein of cow’s milk. It is further divided into 2 types i.e. A1 and A2. Ironically cow produced milk that had A2 protein however today at every grocery store the milk packages have more A1 protein. Both these types have different reactions to our bodies.

Benefits of A2 milk - 

A2 milk has several very essential proteins that protect the body from various diseases that A1 milk lacks. A1 protein has a structure similar to that of breast milk as well as goat milk. When it is digested in the small intestine it yields peptide called ‘beta casomorphin 7’ usually called ‘BCM 7’ and then passes into the flow. Many doctors and researchers have found that consuming A1 milk has the same side effects as that of a person allergic to lactose like inflammation, stoles, etc. Cows that produce only A2 Protein milk are used by the A2 milk company.

They make this possible by following a process. They check the DNA of cows. This process is done by using the hair of cows and only mostly those cows are used which have more A2 proteins. These cows that produce crucial A2 milk are usually from Gir cattle or Zebu breeds.

What is a Gir cow? 

The Gir cow is one of the principal Zebu breeds residing in India. Recently they have been used to improve the other breeds like Red Sindhi and Sahiwal. In countries like Brazil, it is used as a Bos indicus breed. It is one of the breeds used in the improvement of the Brahman breed in North America. Now the question arises what makes them so special from other breeds? They are more resistant to tropical diseases as well as high temperatures. It is also the quality of milk they produce that they are one of the most desired cows in all breeds. 

Their appearance includes a domed forehead, long pendulous ears, and horns with spirals out and back. They have a distinctive appearance among all breeds. Gir cows are speckled with the colour ranging from red through yellow to white, black being the most only unacceptable colour. They basically originated in Gujarat and further expanded to neighbouring states Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The gir cow and all indigenous breeds produce A2 milk. The other cow breeds like Holstein Friesian, Jersey produce the milk of variant quality.

Gir cow is one of the best cows in terms of low fat and high protein milk-producing cows. It usually costs up to 1lakh to 2 lakhs depending upon the age and milk production quality. They are different from other cows as other cow’s milk contains harmful chemical casomorphin which usually leads to asthma, inflammation, heart disease, and various other devastating diseases.

Uses of A2 milk-

1. It has been observed that A2 milk is more easily digested by the body than any other A1 quality milk.

2. It helps the body to build up muscles and protects from muscle breakdown

3. It immunizes the body from diseases such as heart attack, cancer, stool issues, type 1 diabetes, etc.

4. A2 milk company has claimed that its milk has an alternative to increasing the amount of calcium, without digestive discomfort.

5. It acts as a replacement for A1 milk as lactose intolerants can also consume this milk.

6. Every glass contains at least 8 grams of protein.

7. It contains 9 crucial protein and vitamins:
  • 1.12% more protein
  • 2.33% more vitamin D
  • 3. 25% more vitamin A
  • 4.30% more cream
  • 5.15% more calcium
  • It helps in improving the calcium content in the body.
  • It is free from antibiotics and hormones.

Things that can be made with A2 Milk -

1. Milk full cream milk full cream powder

2. Milk skim milk powder

3. Nutrition for mother

4. Smart nutrition

5. Milk with no fat

Companies producing A2 milk -

There are many companies that produce A2 milk as well as A2 milk products in India -

1. The A2 milk company

2. Pathmeda

3. Jain milk

4. Hetha

5. Desigo milk

6. Back2basics

Written by – Vansh Pratap Singh Rana

Edited by - Bushra Makhdoomi

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