"Backbone of the Company Is Finance" - Sunil Kumar Agarwal

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1. Tell me about your background and journey?

Established in the year 1925, Enraf Nonius B.V is the subsidiary company of Enraf Nonius projects India Ltd. We use Turnkey contractors for Health Care worldwide. We design, build, equip & Finance the hospital project.  Our journey started in the year 2016 where we got success with the Telangana Govt. It is a long journey which cannot be described in words. 


2. You’re Financial daily & why? 

My daily financials are the Economic Times as it helps to take better control of your financial situations in the market, enhance the quality of life & make us more confident. 


3. Your tips to the Younger on how to go about understanding the basic financial stuffs?

  • First have a sound of financial plans.
  • Savings & spending
  • Create an emergency fund
  • Avoid impulsive shopping
  • Spend within their means
  • Handle Credit & Debts with good habit 
  • Respect Debt 
  • Have the money talk


4. How can one know if Finance is the field for them? Can one take a test for the same?

If a person knows how to manage a budget and able to manage that budget and make savings out of the budget then it might be the field for him. Yes a test can be conducted while giving him some money and asking him to spend, save & make budgetary plans.


5. One advice that you feel it helped you when started in the field?

Our backbone of the company is finance & the finance is at very cheap rates. That motivates us to start with this field.


6. Your favorite book & why?

The adventure of Sherlock holmes is my favorite book as I always wanted to be a detective & the books have taught me a lot of things. 

Interviewed By - Shathika_neevisha


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