Boycott Chinese products – A Meme Edition


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All of us have received these whatsapp forwards on our Oppo, Vivo and Realm phones telling us to ban Chinese products in our day to day life. Not realizing that more than 60% of these phones that Indians use to spread these messages is indeed Chinese.

All this started after Indian and Chinese soldiers clashed at the Galwan valley region after Chinese troops claimed the valley to be theirs. 20 Indian soldiers were killed and several other soldiers were injured. China has not yet revealed the number of casualties on their side.

The wave of love for the country spread all over the nation and netizens took over the internet showering their immense hate for China and Chinese products.

All this started right after ministers from the ruling party urged the people to boycott Chinese products at an individual level. All this is necessary for us to destabilize the Chinese economy as India and China have been trading since ages.

A meme war started in which Indians showed their anger towards China. A meme posted showed a picture of Barack Obama and Chinese President, Xi Jinping as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger from the show Winne the Pooh. Since then, a hash-tag #winniethepooh has started to refer to Xi Jinping.

People in Acts of Patriotism

People got so upset with China that they even started to damage their own Chinese expensive products in the rage. A video posted online showed a person throwing his television that belonged to a Chinese company, from his balcony.

Some people even applauded the gut for his immense patriotism but this is not what boycotting Chinese products means. If we are damaging Chinese goods, we are damaging our own resources as we have paid money to buy it.

The Chinese company got its due value and we are left without are expensive appliances. If we really want to boycott Chinese products then we should make sure to not buy any Chinese product in future.

There are various instances that expose the ignorance of masses as they are ready to boycott Chinese products but are not even aware who is the Chinese president. A group of BJP workers took their hate for China on another level by trying to burn the poster of the president of China.

But instead they burned the picture of Kim Jong-Un, the Supreme leader of North Korea. People are supporting oblivious facts right now and their ignorance is hilarious. 

 Amul Cartoons Creating Buzz


Source:Indian Express

Amul is famous for it’s eye-opening cartoons. Recently Amul posted cartoon posters on this issue that read ‘Exit the dragon’ and ‘Cheeni kam karo’. Because of these cartoons, twitter took down Amul’s account for a brief time.

Indians were outraged at twitter for opposing Amul. Internet memers started a new hash-tag “#boycotttwitter”. This virtual unity took a very serious form. People realized that Indians were ready to boycott China and any person, organization or country that tried to support China.

Many Indian celebrities have stopped using Chinese goods and even asked their fans to do the same. Actor and model, Milind Somani posted on twitter that he has stopped using the app tiktok as it is a Chinese app.

Actor Arshad Warsi tweeted that he has consciously stopped using Chinese products and even though it will take time to get accustomed to this, one day he will be ‘Chinese free’. He even urged his fans to do the same. 

Boycotting Chinese Food

Union minister Ramdas Athawale made a bizzare statement by saying that Chinese foods should be banned and so should be Chinese Restaurants. A lot of people blindly started to follow this trend as well. Restaurant owners called his statement as ridiculous.

Anjan Chatterjee, the founder of Mainland China restaurant chain rebutted, ”People should know that we are an Indian company, serving food made by Indian chefs with Indian ingredients. Our chefs who have worked with chains like Taj and ITC are all Indians”.

This issue was not left behind and hash-tags like Indian-chinese and Gobimanchurian started trending. A user on twitter tweeted that Chinese have not seen chowmein in their life.

Even though youngsters are criticized for their straight forward approach, it cannot be denied that they are the ones who are much more aware about the authentic news these days. Unlike the generation before us, who forwards most of the content without understanding on social media.

Some people even made satirical comments on the ignorance of Indians in boycotting everything. A meme read that Nikhil Chinapa should be boycotted as China is in his name. People are so naive that they are even boycotting Indian movies like China town because it has China in it.


Source: Unofficial India\ facebook

Another meme read that China will manufacture “Boycott China“ T-shirts and Indians will but these shirts in bulk. It might be just a meme but I can see that happening in future.


Written by - Trishla Gupta

Edited by - Adrija Saha

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