How Mahabharata is Relevant Even Today


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We have heard stories that our parents and grandparents used to tell us about epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata. We thought that these were just mythological stories that have a moral value. But now we realize that these stories have some kind of teachings which helps us to lead a better life.

They teach us the correct way of living life. They tell us what we should and shouldn’t do in our lives. It is said that even in our deepest troubles we can find solution to our every problem by reading and emulate the life lessons given in these books.

As these stories were made into animation and telecasted in the children’s channel, it made me realize that how great and virtuous these epics are. I feel no show or movie made in the present day can match these epics.

Mahabharata was written by Vyasa during the 4th century BCE. It has the Bhagavad Gita within it. Clearly these books were written very early but their messages are relevant even today.

Every social, political, congenial relation has been dealt with in the books. The righteous values depicted here should be inculcated in our daily lives. These ideals are discussed below:


Respecting Women

The Mahabharata started when the honor of a woman was at stake. Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas was lost as a stake in a bet to her cousin brother-in-law. The most powerful speech is given in this context by Draupadi where she says that nobody can make her his own without her consent.

Dushasana pulls her by her hair in the middle of the royal congregation and at this very moment she pledges that she will not tie her hair until she washes it with Dushasana’s blood. She represents the fierce woman who knows how to take a stand for herself.

It represents the fact that if any man touches a woman against her will, he will have to face the consequences and he will never be forgiven. Every man should know their boundaries and never overstep them.

Extreme Devotion

Even though Karna was the son of mighty Sun and Kunti, he was never given the respect he deserved. He trained himself to be a perfect warrior. He could have avenged the Pandavas for the life he had to go through.

But he sacrificed his life just for the sake of his mother who sacrificed him the moment he was born. He gave up his kavajkundal when his mother asked him. Such devotion cannot be seen in today’s materialistic world.

In today’s world where children leave their parents to live alone, such devotion is hardly present. We need to learn to be the perfect sons and daughters to our parents.

Greed Is the Start of One’s Downfall

Duryodhana always wanted to be the king. He got extremely jealous of the Pandavas and always questioned their right to the throne. All this led to the start of Mahabharata. All the lives lost were just for the sake of a throne. So many relationships got spoiled.

Never Insult a Handicapped Person

There was a wonderful place of illusion built for Yudhisthira where pond seemed like a solid wall and vice versa. Duryodhana fell into this pool that looked like a normal floor. At this moment, Draupadi says “andhe ka putra andha” which means that the son of a blind man is blind as well. Dhritarashtra, the father of Duryodhana was blind. Draupadi should never have made fun of a man’s disability. This made Duryodhana furious and he started to target Draupadi which led to the further growth of hate towards the Pandavas.

Standing Against Wrongdoers Is Necessary

In the battle field, Arjun has a realization that he is fighting against his own uncles, cousins and teacher. He feels despondent. To this, Lord Krishna says that nothing is completely wrong or completely right. It is all relative.

He says that this a righteous war fought for Dharma. It implies that we should object the wrongdoers and fight against them even if they are our own. We should never feel erroneous while standing up for the right.

Good Family and Friends are a Blessing

Pandavas had their cousin brother, Krishna and Kauravas had Karna. Both Krishna and Karna proved their undying loyalty towards their clans.

Krishna guided the Pandavas towards the right path and Karna fought most bravely for his friend Duryodhana. If both of them were not present, the end would have have been very different.

Never Support Your Children in Their Wrong Desires

Dhritrashtra was torn in the conflict between his love for his son and his conscience which told him that Duryodhana’s greed was wrong. His blind love for his son made him ignore all the red flags. If he had not supported Duryodhana then Mahabharata would might not even happen.

Thus, when we realizes the teachings Mahabharata incorporates in it, we realize that these are not some normal bedtime stories for children. They have a much greater role to play, and perhaps much more lessons to teach.

Written by – Trishla Gupta

Edited by – Adrija Saha

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