"If Your Heart Is Happy, Then That Is Your Success." - Aditi Vats

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1. Tell us more about your background and journey. 

My background is that I am an advocate and I always had a passion for law from the 11th class itself. I knew that I wanted to pursue law because I had an orientation class about it and this is what clicked the most.

Talking about the journey of modeling it started very early in my life, loads of agencies started scouting me when I just entered college when I was 17. And there is where my actual work started.

2. What led you to start your page on Instagram and what is it about? 

Actually, I'm not really a person who loves to click pictures. And so I started my Instagram journey very late, majorly because my modeling career needed it. Eventually, I fell in love with clicking pictures for Instagram. 

My page is all about me as people wanted to know things like how do I manage my time, what I do etc. So my page is absolute truth and insight into my life 

3. How do you manage modeling and acting, when you're already practicing law? 

This is something that most people ask me, however, I never realize it as I have a passion for both. Both law and modeling are difficult, however, I managed it well because I have good time management skills. However, I never had time to breathe or to have free time in hand. But I enjoy it. 

I used to manage to complete all of my assignments. And I would make sure not to miss any class when I am not modeling and if I would miss it I'd make up for it with the help of my lecturers, so they played a very important role. 

4. Did you ever think or dream of doing a web series? 

I'm not gonna deny. I did dream of doing movies back in the time we didn't have web series but yes it is not a dream which couldn't be lived or far dreamt of. I kind of always knew that I would be doing this and I can. I kept working for it and the directions came by. And I landed up a journey which I could call mine. 

5. How has your family inspired you in becoming a model? 

To be honest my parents never liked the profession of modeling. Modeling has come to me in a way because they made me an independent girl with an independent mind. 

So I always knew what I wanted to do and what the path would be. My parents just had one condition that I have to be academically good and I thank them for that. 

6. What is your idea of success or your mantra in life? 

This depends on how you measure success. For me, I believe containment and happiness as a success. One should not think about what people think of you and how do they see you. Anything related to people should not measure your success.

If your heart is happy, then that is your success. That is why I do everything dedicatedly and do not worry about things that are not in my hand. So, the only success mantra which I can out in line is everything you do, do it so dedicatedly that nothing can worry you about it in the future. 

7. Which is your favorite book and why? 

I love romantic novels and love everything about the English era. The book and the movie that I like is 'Pride and Prejudice'. 

- Aditi Vats 
(IG: aditi__vats

- Interviewed by: Anurag Jaiswal 

"If Your Heart Is Happy, Then That Is Your Success." - Aditi Vats "If Your Heart Is Happy, Then That Is Your Success." - Aditi Vats Reviewed by Anurag Jaiswal on June 29, 2020 Rating: 5

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