"Just Follow Your Heart and Chase Your Dreams."- Swaraj Singh

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1. Tell us about your background and journey.

I was born and bought up in Jamshedpur which is in Jharkhand earlier which was a part of Bihar in a Rajput family were choosing an offbeat career was never an option. Right from my childhood, I was very keen on extra circular activities hence I used to participate in everything, and collecting prizes and trophies was my hobby. 

At a very early age, I realized that I loved everyone’s appreciation and attention so I wanted to do something different from the trend. By the time I was in Xth standard I was determined that I wanted to become an actor and Mumbai became my dream city. Though I was good at studies I never wanted to become a doctor or engineer, I had to complete my master's degree because that was my ticket to Mumbai. 

Along with my studies, I also did modeling and a few print ads in Bangalore. I won a few fashion contests where I got the opportunity to do a cameo in a Tamil movie. Facing the camera gave the sheer joy and I actually realized my love for acting. I came to Mumbai and joined Actors Prepare to learn acting and then did extensive theatre for almost 6 years to craft the actor within me.

Did few appearances in TV serials and did a Bollywood movie as a lead actor which couldn’t release because of the demonetization. This shattered my dreams as I had big expectations from it however I continued with my stage performances. 

Things changed when I started writing and became a storyteller. My first story BHOOKH was widely acclaimed and I got an overnight recognition which I was longing for years and since then I started writing and performed multiple stories with various platforms but the hunt to see myself on a 70mm screen is still on and I am sure one day I will make it.

2. When did you first decide that you wanted to create content and how did you start?

I was doing theatres from the past 5 years but deep inside I was craving attention and recognition until I stepped in the world of storytelling. I met a storyteller ‘Mehak Mirza Prabhu’ who insisted me to write and perform a story because she had seen my performance once. 

I was not at all confident about my writing skills but all because of her help and support I wrote my first every story “Bhookh” which later garnered millions of views and gave me the recognition. People then started noticing me and started appreciating my work as an actor and storyteller and since then I started writing aggressively. 

Bhookh was always featured in the Tihar jail of the infant section and multiple colleges and institutes also showcased it. I was also invited for a TED talk and shared my journey as a writer and storyteller. Within a span of one year, I almost wrote 20 stories and performed on various platforms which have been widely appreciated and now I can proudly call myself a “WRITER”.

3. Is vlogging and Instagram content creation a financially sustainable career?

With the rise in technology and an increase in the usage of smartphones, vlogging and Instagram content creation is now a financially sustainable career. The paradigm shift has created a huge demand for online contents and hence all the OTT platforms are investing heavily. 

With the increase in the user base, brands are also investing heavily in online promotions and pay a decent amount to the creators/influencers to market their brand. Persistence and variety are the two main key attributes for any creator to gain financial stability via vlogging or creating content on Instagram.

4. Who is your favorite creator and why?

I like Bhuvan Bam for his uniqueness and the way he has created a brand for himself. His persistence and variety helped him to gain success and secure himself a position in the top 3 creators in India. I also like his wit, humor, and variety of characters which he brings in his stories.

5. How and where do you find inspiration to churn out content?

I don’t look for any inspiration. I only write what I feel and what comes to my mind. I am a very impromptu writer who can start writing anywhere and anytime. I usually like to write on the topics which are not much spoken or given weightage and most of my stories and poems were written instantly without giving a thought. 

6. What does your typical day look like?

I love to keep myself always busy and hate sitting ideal so my day is usually packed. I follow a very disciplined and organized lifestyle which may look very boring to others. I work full time in a company so from morning till evening I am busy with office work. 

In the evening I go to the gym or do yoga at home. My nights are occupied with writing, reading, or rehearsing for upcoming plays and shows. Weekends I love to travel and observe people around. I also conduct workshops and spend most of the time watching movies. I am a big movie buff.

7. Which is your favorite book and why?

I love the power of the subconscious mind as it changed my life completely. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to have control over their mind and thoughts. It has some brilliant concepts which have the answer to all our questions and helps us to understand ourselves better.

8. What piece of advice would you like to give to future and aspiring creators?

Just follow your heart and chase your dreams. Choosing an offbeat career will always be challenging so please be prepared mentally and make sure that you have the support from your family. 

This field has no certainty so fuel your mind with lots of persistence and determination and work to please yourself before pleasing others. Don’t follow the trend rather follow your gut feeling as it will always guide you the way and always ‘BELIEVE’ in yourself.

- Swaraj Singh, Blogger

- Interviewed by Shilpy Sharan
"Just Follow Your Heart and Chase Your Dreams."- Swaraj Singh "Just Follow Your Heart and Chase Your Dreams."- Swaraj Singh Reviewed by Shilpy Sharan on June 24, 2020 Rating: 5

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